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Google owns billions of dollars of lithium ion battery technology. The existence of Elon Musk is staked on lithium ion battery technology. Elon Musk sleeps at the house of Larry Page, and is best friends with Larry Page. Both Larry Page and Elon Musk spend tens of millions of dollars co-promoting each others glory. Larry Page and his staff overtly, and covertly, own a large portion of both Larry Page’s Google and Elon Musk’s Tesla. When lithium ion batteries blow up, as they do every day in Tesla cars, Cell phones, passenger jets, etc. Google hides these news stories on the world’s internet in order to protect the stock market positions of Google and Tesla. Google’s driverless cars use lithium ion. Musk and Google hate fuel cells, ultra capacitors, and all of the technologies that are safer, cleaner, better solutions than lithium ion. Over a ten year study, it has been proven, with internet archival statistics, that Google hides news stories about technologies that compete with Musk’s and Google’s lithium ion. Musk and Google arranged for a vast set of news articles and “white papers” to be delivered to Washington DC, and major cities, proclaiming that “Afghanistan is the Saudi Arabia of Lithium” and that “Trillions of dollars of lithium” can be taken out of Afghanistan for Tesla Motors. You can still find many of these news stories on-line on non-Google search engines. These stories were a marketing pitch by Google and Musk venture capitalists to “sell” Congress on underwriting a deeper invasion of Afghanistan in order to seize control of mining fields (Think: “Frank Guistra”) that those Silicon Valley VC’s had already monopolized the profiteering routes for. Essentially, the green crunchy-granola VC’s sold the “green-washing” of a war in which people were killed and another nation was razed so that they could monopolize some batteries. Google went to great lengths to make certain that news coverage of this fact never saw the light of day on the internet.

They did this news and investigation cover-up by rigging the internet. Google made settings, by hand, on purpose, to hide things it did not want people to see and to puff up the marketing hype of Elon Musk and the Google/Musk battery deal.

Google and the Musk Cartel paid money and billions of dollars of search engine rigging (never reported in campaign disclosure reports making that oversight a “Felony”) to a President and a State Department head and then received a war, a commodity monopoly and a vast number of government contracts, tax evasions, stock market perks and other quid-pro-quo.

In 2007 the Google/Musk Cartel were working to put their friend: Steven Chu, in charge of the U.S. Department of Energy, get Obama elected and accelerate the Afghan war in order to control the Afghan lithium mining deals for Musk and the Afghan indium mining deals for Solyndra, Musk’s next door neighbor, later raided by the FBI. Indeed, that is what eventually happened.

Their planted insider: Steven Chu, handed out the taxpayer cash exclusively to the Google/Musk Cartel while jacking up and sabotaging their competitors. He even gave cash to the Russian oligarchs who had the mining company ownerships for the Afghan mining deals (ie: Ener1, Severstal, etc. connections). A ten year+ study using the Internet Archive along with a huge number of server nodes around the world shows, for a fact, that 1.) when a Tesla car blew up, or killed someone, 2.) only Google would hide the story while, at the same time 3.) replacing the post about the incident with a Motley Fool, Value Walk, or other stock market hype, article designed to pump Tesla’s stock, while, 4.) at the same moment Google investors would engage in buybacks of Tesla stock to 5.) falsify a valuation jump on the stock market tickers.
The following are reports and documents, for your further research, detailing the corruption:


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This video proves the serious threat caused by lithium ion batteries

Further evidence proving the danger of lithium ion batteries

The corrupt Afghanistan lithium mine deals were set up by Silicon Valley war profiteers.

 While Obama campaign financiers from Silicon Valley executed on the scheme, A GOP governor helped get it rolling. Steven Chu, who was planted in the U.S. Department of energy by these Silicon Valley VC’s, gave vast amounts of U.S. taxpayer emergency financing money from the ATVM and LGP programs to billionaire Russian oligarchs at Severstal, Ener1 and other front organizations. Why Russian billionaires needed emergency U.S. taxpayer cash can only be explained by “Corruption.”

CBS, In the 60 Minutes TV Show, revealed part of the corruption, but only began the story. Steven Chu and his insiders at the U.S. Department of Energy had hard-wired the ATVM and LGP cash for a pre-selected list of crony payola recipients who were business partners of Chu and his staff. All of the outsider applicants were lied to and defrauded. By using outside applicants as “set-dressing” to make the ATVM and LGP programs look like it was real, Chu and his staff caused those applicants to expend tens of millions of dollars under the false promises of participating in a fair funding program which was, in fact, rigged from day one.

More proof of the horrific danger of lithium ion batteries. Silicon Valley venture capitalists ignored the safety issues in order to engage in opportunistic greed and war profiteering on the Afghan War.

Tesla Motors bribed public officials including Senator’s Feinstein and Reed, who had family profiteering deals with Tesla. Outsider, non-crony, applicants were ordered, by Tesla’s people, to have their applications deleted, “lost”, delayed, removed from first-place, manipulated, slow-walked, ignored and down-ranked. Applicants with dramatically better metrics than Tesla were a threat to Tesla. Over 40 applicants have filed specific charges of corruption and bribery by Tesla, Solyndra, Ivanpah and the other crony “winners” who all happened to be related to Steven Chu.

FBI Probing Kickbacks By Panasonic Supplier – Corruption Currents ….. Panasonic told Corruption Currents it is cooperating with the government in its ongoing investigation. “Panasonic is committed to the highest ……%5Dobing-kickbacks-by-panasonic-supplier/ In one of the worst engineering plans in automotive history, Elon Musk ordered Tesla to jam over 7000 exploding batteries into a box under the passengers feet, knowing that any single cell failure will set off all of the cells with a fire so powerful even fireman can’t put it out.
Tesla manipulated the stock market in a very large version of this tactic.
Instrumental in the crimes and corruption, as both the instigators and beneficiaries, was a Silicon Valley company called Kleiner Perkins. You will hear their names often in this investigation. This segment discusses the character, hubris, arrogance and audacity of a typical Kleiner insider.
Steven Chu was placed into the U.S. Department of Energy by the very people who he exclusively gave the U.S. Department of Energy taxpayer cash and contracts to, while sabotaging all of their competitors.
In order to bribe U.S. Senators, agency officials and White House staff; Tesla Motors, Solyndra, Abound, Ivanpah, and other Cleantech Crash scams, paid off those elected and appointed State and Federal officials with stocks and bonds.

Elected officials participated in stock market “Skims” and “Pump-and-Dumps”, using stocks from Cleantech Crash companies which they received as bribes.

A huge number of very expensive Tesla vehicles have been involved in significant crashes because the drivers were under the influence. University studies show that the “Tesla life-style” has one of the highest addiction and moral decrepitude rates due to the general moral low-points of Tesla executives and owners as their poor moral character, including documented corruption, rubs off on their customers.
Elon Musk’s fantastical self-promotion and Google-supported internet news hype stands in history as one of the largest personal aggrandizement efforts ever developed. His war profiteering on illicit Afghan lithium mines cost thousands of lives.

A tremendous number of Elon Musk’s cars and rockets have suddenly and explosively burst into flames. Most engineers attribute this to the shoddy engineering that comes from building an empire based on corruption and stock market manipulation rather than one based on quality.

At the same time that Silicon Valley campaign financiers had their law firm of Covington and Burling help put their insider: Steven Chu in charge of the U.S. Department of Energy, the same law firm was tasked with Placing Eric Holder in the position of U.S. Attorney General in order to run the cover-ups of Steven Chu’s corruption payola and crony political kick-backs. This sequence provides an overview of Eric Holder.


In-Q-Tel and New America Foundation harass the political enemies of Google, lobby and push elected officials into making laws that put money in Google’s pockets and manipulate intelligence community assets for personal greed and private profiteering.  Larry Page and Eric Schmidt run Google, bribe politicians, got Steven Chu and Eric Holder to give them exclusive taxpayer cash and have a fun little hobby of playing junior spies. They created a number of wanna-be spy operations including In-Q-Tel and New America Foundation. Both of these groups have illicitly used State Department and other taxpayer funds to attempt to influence political policy to bend decisions to the benefit of Eric Schmidt and Larry Page. In-Q-Tel has worked on stealing technology from Google’s competitors and was caught with five tons of cocaine on it’s air-planes.


The chemicals inside lithium ion batteries get more unstable and more self-explosive over time. Tesla Motors uses over 7000 of them in each car. A self-ignition by any one lithium ion battery will set off all of the other batteries like a thermite device. Lithium ion stakeholders are desperate to use up all of the lithium they own in profiteering schemes which risk public safety.

A vast number of UPS, FED-EX and Mail trucks have suddenly erupted into flames as the devices with lithium ion batteries in them exploded into flames spontaneously. Starting in 2017, the United Nations has said that all lithium ion batteries on aircraft present a “lethal threat” per U.N. Directive 38.3

Character assassination tabloid empire: Gawker Media worked with, and exchanged money and assets with: Google, Inc. in running “hit-jobs” and character assassinations on witnesses who testified to, or assisted federal agents or journalists in their investigations of this case. Jay Carney and Robert Gibbs, while working in the West Wing, had control over some of these Gawker Media “hit-jobs”. Google’s own SEC filings and the results of the EU investigations prove that money and assets-of-value moved between Google and Gawker and that, as soon as Gawker published a “hit-Job”, Google would lock that “hit-job” on the front page/top lines of Google search results for over five years without moving it. This was a clear retribution and vendetta program cooperatively engaged in between Google and Gawker.

 Google and it’s VC’s and owners were the biggest beneficiaries and operators of the crimes in this case.  Google used its monopoly control of the internet to manipulate user news and experiences in order to steer mass audience trends, votes and perceptions. Google used its own users private information against them to trick users into revealing too much about themselves. That data was then used to abuse and manipulate those users.

While some think that the entire incident had to do with manipulating “green energy”; in reality the entire incident had to do with manipulating the stock market. These are some of the tricks that the “bad guys” used.