How Google Maliciously and Covertly Uses It’s Technology To Attack It’s Political Enemies and Business Competitors



How Google Maliciously and Covertly Uses It’s Technology To Attack It’s Political Enemies and Business Competitors

By Brian Kosker and Aileen Solen

We have been shown absolute proof that Google executives and venture capitalists manipulate Google’s technology to intentionally destroy lives, reputations, companies, political careers and brands. Google uses this same process to manipulate stock market results, at the same time, for the private benefit of those same Google executives and venture capitalists in violation of the intended community benefit of the public operation of the stock market.

As the Presidential elections approach, Google, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook have come under scrutiny because they are run by the same campaign financiers supporting the same candidates who have promised, those four, billions of dollars of government contracts and hand-outs. While the “Silicon Four” are, now, forced to  daily proclaim that they are not rigging the elections and the markets, the evidence proves otherwise. Google has now made a ludicrous number of statements charging that naive young millennial staffers went “rogue” and “leaned” the global Google system towards Obama and Hillary but few are buying that claim because much of the staffing for Obama and Hillary came from Google, most of the money for their campaigns came from Google and a record number of government perks came FROM the Obama White House and the Hillary State Department TO Google. The Quid-Pro-Quo is audaciously overt.

Google, owns billions of dollars of lithium ion battery technology. The existence of Elon Musk is staked on lithium ion battery technology. Elon Musk sleeps at the house of Larry Page, and is best friends with Larry Page. Both Larry Page and Elon Musk spend tens of millions of dollars co-promoting each others glory. Larry Page and his staff overtly, and covertly, own a large portion of both Larry Page’s Google and Elon Musk’s Tesla. When lithium ion batteries blow up, as they do every day in Tesla cars, Cell phones, passenger jets, etc. Google hides these news stories on the world’s internet in order to protect the stock market positions of Google and Tesla. Musk and Google hate fuel cells, ultra capacitors, and all of the technologies that are safer, cleaner, better solutions than lithium ion. Over a ten year study, it has been proven, with internet archival statistics, that Google hides news stories about technologies that compete with Musk’s and Google’s lithium ion. Musk and Google arranged for a vast set of news articles and “white papers” to be delivered to Washington DC, and major cities, proclaiming that “Afghanistan is the Saudi Arabia of Lithium” and that “Trillions of dollars of lithium” can be taken out of Afghanistan for Tesla Motors. You can still find many of these news stories on-line on non-Google search engines. These stories were a marketing pitch by Google and Musk venture capitalists to “sell” Congress on underwriting a deeper invasion of Afghanistan in order to seize control of mining fields that those Silicon Valley VC’s had already monopolized the profiteering routes for. Essentially, the green crunchy granola VC’s sold the “green-washing of a war in which people were killed and another nation was razed so that they could monopolize some batteries. Google went to great lengths to make certain that news coverage of this fact never saw the light of day on the internet.

Did did this cover-up by rigging the internet.

Google made settings, by hand, on purpose, to hide things it did not want people to see and to puff up the marketing hype of Elon Musk and the Google/Musk battery deal.  READ MORE….