The Great Internet Shut-Down

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Twitter: “Trust and Safety Council”

Facebook: Sure, Angela Merkel, we’ll censor people criticizing your policies.

Reddit: Hey everyone, here’s some changes to what content is visible on All! Yes, it IS meant to punish the subreddit that people went to in order to learn about the worst mass shooting in American history which specifically targeted gay people and no, we will not revoke the default status of those subreddits who censored this and other stories!

YouTube: We are changing our TOS to penalize anyone who offends people


No, just repulsive defiance of democratic values and the values these media platforms are built upon, in order to punish those who politically disagree.

Now DNC-controlled WordPress is deleting thousands of websites in order to prepare for the 2016 elections so that the public does not “get ideas in their heads”