Blackness-Free Burning Man event highlights the White-Yuppie Culture That Burning Man Prevaricates

Burning Man’s Race Problem was created by Burning Man: Racism Is “Built-in” at Burning Man


Burning Man’s Race Problem was created by Burning Man: Racism Is “Built-in” at Burning Man

Sarah Dunn – For Epoxli

Saying that Burning Man’s racism is “because Black people don’t camp” is like saying that the drought is because Black people bought too many watermelons.

It is ridiculous.

Almost the entire Burning Man staff is White.

Everybody who makes the profit off of Burning Man is White.

Most of the people from Burning Man work at Google, Facebook, Twitter and the other most black-avoidance companies in America. Those companies have the least number of Black people, per capita; anywhere in America. Those companies were all funded by racist, white, misogynist venture capitalist Frat Boys.

All of the Burning Man Facebook and Twitter postings are by White People.

All of the outside “funders” and “grants providers” of Burning man are white.

Almost all of the contractors they hire to supply burning man are white.

All of the cute little naked girls at Burning man are white and those are the ones that Burning Man staff post on the web to promote the event.

Every pretend artist that Burning man hires to build all of the big strange structures in the desert are white.

All of the art and text is Silicon Valley-based and certainly not inner city Detroit-based. Ebonics on the Playa? Not allowed! African print stage back drops and dresses? Not so much!

The most promoted disaster of the current Burning Man was when an airhead white pop singer fell off her Segway because she was a klutz. THE HORROR! THE NIGHTMARE. Black people across America are certainly feeling the pain as they, TOO, recall the many disasters they have undergone on their Segway electric lazy-mobiles!!! All the Black people could totally relate to Katy Perry’s life threatening moment of unspeakable white girl hell.

Many newspapers have now revealed hidden camera and sociology racial index tests that they conducted at Burning Man. They discovered that Black people weren’t just “hard to see because of the dust”, as one Burning Man staffer suggested. They just were not there. Hard scientific evidence from numerical body counts proves it. Racially insensitive comments were recorded across the Playa.

The massively self-rationalizing “Burners” always have a quick, Scientology-like, explanation for all of Burning man’s ills. They say that “they just provide the canvas and the public paints it”, or, “We just provide the space and it is up to the attendees to make of it what they will..”. Wrong.

If you build a lion cage and fill it with lions, you are not going to get bunnies as an end result.

Let’s not pick on the Black thing for a moment, let’s pick on the “Sensitivity Thing”. Let’s take a look at the argument that “Burners” are self-absorbed, tone deaf assholes. Burners love to make out like they are “higher level beings” who are building “a better world”. Let’s take a look at the better world where nobody is objectified or treated in a dehumanizing manner.

Imagine if A Burner had documented other huge numbers of, other Burner’s fully partaking in, and cooperating with, the objectification, dehumanization and joyful death of self-respect of other humans just because of their physical features.