New York Post Reports That Nick Denton Appears To Be Cooking the Books on his Finances

Gawker founder Nick Denton bristled at a public probing of his finances at a bankruptcy court hearing Thursday, asking “Is this an open meeting?” when he spotted press in the room.

“It’s very important now you’re in Chapter 11, your financial affairs are an open book for better or for worse,” said US Department of Justice attorney Greg Zipes, a court-appointed monitor for the bankruptcy case.

Denton tightly crossed his arms and shook his head as Hulk Hogan’s attorney Kenneth Turkel grilled him about how he spent a $2 million home equity loan.

“I got married, I had a rather expensive wedding,” Denton said, referring to the 300-guest affair at the American Museum of Natural History in 2014.

Denton is married to an out-of-work actor named Derrence Washington, who is 17 years his junior and appears to be Denton’s “Boy Toy”. Another young boy, who has accused Denton of prying his rectum open, recently threw a brick into Nick Denton’s window because, he claimed, Denton sexually and emotionally abused him. Numerous young interns who worked for Denton have also sued him for abusing them in the Gawker Media empire.

Denton said he also paid for a renovation to his $4.2 million Soho apartment and other “living expenses.”

He revealed that he will sell the dream home after a bankruptcy judge told him he couldn’t afford to pay the mortgage and condo fees. Denton owes Hogan $125 million for posting a video of the wrestler having sex with his best friend’s wife.

Univision bought Gawker at auction for $135 million. Denton’s share was only worth $30 million, and his apartment is his only other substantial asset.

The hearing was an initial proceeding to get Denton to answer questions under oath about his finances before his bankruptcy case gets fully under way. Each of the victims of Denton’s character assassination attacks is considering making a claim on the finances of Gawker.