Google is flipping out over the revelations of it’s crimes and the size of the revealing parties

Google is flipping out over the revelations of it’s crimes and the size of the revealing parties



Larry Ellison has pledged his billions to exposing Google’s crimes, Donald Trump has pledged full funding to put Google’s corruption-based tricks on display. Russia has deployed a full brigade of trolls to undo Google. France wants Google hung by the nuts. Peter Thiel may be in the wings on these Google take-downs, with his big litigation funding, but you can bet that many billionaires are now stepping up to take Google down.



What is Google getting in trouble for?



Bribing the White House, tax evasion, manipulating government contracts, prostitution rings, bribing the FTC to avoid regulation, bribing the FCC, bribing the Department of Energy, placing covert Google staff inside of government agencies in order to rig public policy decisions, running a monopoly and other extreme acts of corruption.



Google has rushed out a glut of articles in main-stream news, that it controls, intended to paint Larry Ellison as a demon and to say “oh, poor Google..” But the public are seeing through Google’s ploy.



Google has been posting a raft of “news items” on Reddit, Facebook and that are intended to make the controversy go away but it has only served to Streisand-effect the problems for Google. The trick that Google uses, particularly on Reddit and Voat, is that Google also posts the first 20 “comments” after the story link so that Google can try to control the direction of the conversation, as Google tries to control the direction and mood of all internet conversation. In other words, the story link and the controlled comments, favoring Google, and seeking to create doubts and confusion are all posted by Google shills using a variety of tens of thousands of screen-names that Google controls.



This tactic, by Google, is yet another example of Google’s crimes against the public. Google steals tax money, tricks the public and manipulates information at a rate heretofore not seen by human-kind.



Google deserves a take-down by the most powerful forces on Earth. It can’t come too soon.