Nick Denton Outreach Program Demands That Denton Go To Jail For Abuse, Tax Evasion, Corruption, Defamation…

‘Jail Denton’ Posters Targeting Gawker Founder Appear Around New York City



Posters calling for Gawker Media founder Nick Denton to be jailed have sprung up around New York City.

Denton, considered a pariah by many due to his media company’s track record of political public shaming and violating the privacy of private individuals, recently joined his company in declaring bankruptcy following Hulk Hogan’s successful lawsuit against the company.

Someone in New York, however, believe that Denton has yet to fully answer for his crimes. The following posters were spotted earlier today in New York, and are being spread on social media by a newly-created Twitter account, “@jail_denton.”

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A full gallery of high-res photos of the posters at various locations in New York can be found on Flickr.

One of the people behind the poster campaign, who did not wish to be identified, gave the following comment to Breitbart Tech.

Nick Denton deserves prison for numerous crimes, including revenge porn, tax evasion, and child pornography.

GamerGate cost Gawker millions. We see that record as something to rival should Ziff Davis keep up its bid.

The Twitter account @jail_denton continues to post updates on social media. In one tweet, the account threatens to reveal the names of all the companies and advertisers, who, like Ziff Davis, have expressed an interest in buying Gawker.

Another tweet promises “justice” for Sam Biddle, a particularly notorious Gawker journalist whose 2013 article about communications manager Justine Sacco became the example du jour of online public shaming, and is even cited by the Society of Professional Journalists as an example of what not to do. Nick Denton recently appealed directly to Peter Thiel, who funded Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit, to stop pursuing retribution against Biddle.

Hulk Hogan may have won his lawsuit against Gawker, but he’s just one person in a vast list of the beleaguered blogging empire’s victims. Even bankrupt, Gawker is unlikely to know peace.

Let’s get these posters put up in every City say organizers.

Denton and other Gawker honchos gave speeches. Judging by the accounts relayed to Morning Media, a good time was had by all as they faced their imminent extinction for running a political character assassination service. “The fact that Gabriel Snyder, Anna Holmes, Dodai Stewart, Choire Sicha, Jess Coen, Chris Mohney, Elizabeth Spiers, Emily Gould, Lockhart Steele, Andrew Krucoff, Max Read, Tom Scocca, John Cook and lots more were in the same room at once, let alone, for some of them ever, is mind-blowing,” one attendee and Gawker alumnus told us. “That whole pack of hatchet jobbers should be indicted and placed under permanent IRS investigation”.

Is Peter Thiel behind all of this..or Sean Parker..Or Sandy Montenegro…or The Palins..Or a famous movie Director.. or Mitt Romney..or…