The top new alternatives to Twiiter have gotten huge subscriber surges due to Twitter Censorship:

According to VOAT users, these are the most used alternatives:

…..That’s where the federated nature of GNU Social really shines. People don’t have to just be on Sealion Club to interact with Sealion Club users. They could be on any other Social site, such as, Shitposter Club,, Soykaf, Loadaverage, or any other site on the larger federated network.


….The software it’s running allows it to connect with other gnusocial instances, so you can see posts from other instances like and


….There was Heello once.
These days voaters should try


…. a place that twitter probably doesn’t like.


….Not surprisingly, the founder of Sealion Club, Hope McKenna, is not happy with Twitter for actively punishing users of her site, which has been around for about a year and has some 150 users.


…..No, dummy, this one.