“NOBODY” wants to buy a Tesla Motors car anymore. Corruption and Safety issues plague Tesla!

Tesla misses delivery targets again



HAWTHORNE CA - OCTOBER 09: Tesla owners take a ride in the new Tesla "D" model electric sedan after Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, unveiled the dual engine chassis of the new Tesla 'D' model, a faster and all-wheel-drive version of the Model S electric sedan, at the Hawthorne Airport October 09, 2014 in Hawthorne, California. The D will be able to accelerate to 60 miles per hour in just over 3 seconds. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)©Getty

Tesla Motors has missed its quarterly vehicle delivery targets for the third quarter in a row, as the US electric carmaker continues to struggle with the production of its Model X crossover sport utility vehicle, introduced late last year.

The number of vehicle deliveries fell 15 per cent short of the company’s forecast and was even lower than the first quarter of this year, a period when Tesla blamed its own “hubris” in being too ambitious with the vehicle design.

Tesla had tried to reassure investors that it was only suffering from teething troubles as it ramps up production of the X and was not experiencing any deeper manufacturing failure or weakness in demand. However, it indicated that it would miss its target of 80,000-90,000 vehicle deliveries for the year as a whole.

Tesla’s continued difficulties come as it prepares for a far more ambitious goal, after bringing forward the production of its mass market vehicle, the Model 3, by two years. Elon Musk, chief executive, has said that the 3 has been designed with far fewer parts and with larger volumes in mind.

The 14,370 vehicles delivered during the second quarter fell below the 14,810 of the preceding three months and well short of the 17,000 the company had targeted.

The shortfall has left Tesla facing a steep production challenge, even to meet a reduced target for the year. In a statement on Sunday it said that, “with continued productivity improvements”, it believed it could raise output to 2,200 vehicles a week in the third quarter and 2,400 a week in the final months of the year. It forecast 50,000 delivered in the second half, a figure that would bring total deliveries to 79,200.

Even though deliveries fell short in the second quarter, Tesla said it had ended the period producing 2,000 vehicles a week, with nearly half of the entire production for the quarter occurring in the final four weeks. The late increase meant the company was unable to deliver many vehicles in the period. It said 5,150 cars were in transit to customers at the end of the quarter, nearly double the 2,615 that had been in transit at the end of the first quarter.

News of the latest production difficulties comes as Tesla faces other problems also brought on by its own ambition. Its stock price was dented two weeks ago after Mr Musk announced a takeover bid for SolarCity, a solar power company of which he is chairman, to try to create the first sustainable energy conglomerate.

Last week Tesla became the subject of a regulatory investigation after it emerged that a Tesla owner had died while his car was in “Autopilot”, the most advanced self-driving feature yet introduced by a carmaker.

Don’t embarrass yourself by driving a Tesla. The world thinks “douchebag” when you drive past them. Tesla and Google work together to defraud the public. They own stock in each other and work together to hype stock valuation PR. When damaging news about Tesla emerges, Tesla and Google investors place multiple stock-buy orders from a multi-billion dollar slush fund in order to make it appear that individual outside investors are excited by Tesla when, in fact, it is only a small internal group of investors “pumping the market”? That is felony-class stock market manipulation.

Tesla Spies On You. The Tesla Model S has the most surveillance devices to watch, track, listen-to and broadcast the activities of the occupants, built into it than any other car in the world. Elon Musk has personally told reporters that his cars constantly watch the driver and occupants. Why is that? Why are Tesla and Google obsessed with spying on the public?

The Afghanistan War Was For Elon Musk’s Lithium. Elon Musk and his partners pushed for War in Afghanistan in order to try to get lithium mining contracts from Russian mobster-connected companies. American taxpayers have lost over $6 trillion from the Afghan War. Websearch “Afghan lithium” and see the truth about blood-for-batteries.

The NUMMI Real Estate Scam. – In multiple recorded interviews, Elon Musk is on public record telling the news media that, after careful research, the NUMMI plant in Fremont California would be a very bad choice for Tesla? Why did that suddenly change? What participation did Senator Dianne Feinstein and her husband’s real estate Company CBRE have on that decision and the award of the loan to Tesla? It turns out it was a real estate kick-back scam to benefit Feinstein’s family.

Investor Collusion. Google and Tesla motors share the same venture capital investor groups and alliances. Tesla investors and associates participate collusion as reported in the “AngelGate” and “Silicon Valley No Poaching Lawsuit”? That is a felony.

The Tesla Time-line That Elon Musk Does not want you to see. Things are not as the PR says. Elon Musk had nothing to do with starting Tesla. He took it away, in a hostile takeover, from the Martin Eberhard the guy who really started it.

Bribing the NHTSA. How does Elon avoid federal investigations from the massive number of safety defects Tesla has developed? Is it nothing a bribe, or two, can’t fix? Musk has bribed federal regulators and is a White House shill who is protected by WH staff…for now…

The DEATHS: – Key Tesla staff suddenly died. Top reporters suddenly died. Drivers and innocent bystanders were killed by Tesla’s. Why are so many bizarre deaths connected to Tesla Motors

Tesla and Google reward certain politicians with campaign funding, web promotion, revolving door jobs for staff, and other incentives, in exchange for “hot-tracking” State and Federal taxpayer money for Tesla Motors. Do you support corruption and bribery?


It was it all just a stock market pump-and-dump skim. While other companies built consumer priced electric cars before and during Tesla’s existence, why did Tesla choose to build an un-affordable car and position the marketing of it to “the 1%” when the money for that car came from the 99% taxpayers?

The “Factory Building” Scam. Numerous cities were told that they would have the Tesla car factory and then they stated, or sued Tesla, saying Tesla acted “in bad faith” and “used false and misleading information” to induce them to provide assurances which were used to pump the stock market. Why did Tesla lead so many cities on?

The Toxic Battery Fumes Cover-Up. The factory that builds your batteries and the U.S. Government states, in their formal technical documents, that when Tesla batteries are on fire they emit lethal, brain-damaging, carcinogenic, liver, lung and DNA damaging fumes and smoke. Why do you not inform the public of this danger in your literature?

The Many Dead Workers Tesla Does Not Want You To Know About. – Lithium ion production kills and terminally sickens workers overseas. Multiple Tesla workers have been burned alive at your factory. OSHA has launched an investigation. What have you done to prevent the accidental and long term injuries to your staff and contractors? Is Panasonic a lying, corrupt partner of Tesla Motors? Why does Tesla avoid talking about the dead workers and poisoned towns in Asia where it’s batteries are made?

Elon Musk Took Billions of Your Tax Dollars For “American Jobs” yet hires underpaid workers from overseas. Elon Musk’s labor scam uses cheap overseas labor to put billions in Musk’s bank vaults after taking taxpayer cash from YOU: The taxpayer!

Elon Musk and Tesla Motors “Point-Blank Lied About Battery Safety…”. Bernard Tse, and other main Tesla Engineering staff including: electric engineer Doug Bourn, electrical engineer Andrew Ingram, Brian M. Finn, senior manager of interactive electronics and George Blankenship; while investigating battery purchases for Tesla Motors, received numerous white-papers and technical documents from LG Chem, Panasonic and the U.S. D.O.E and vast numbers of other battery-makers which specifically stated that lithium-ion batteries would be “stressed” and “likely to combust” when used in the configuration which Tesla intended. They stated that the batteries were “not intended for use in cars”. Why then, did Tesla still use them? What effect did the monopolistic ownership of lithium ion mining and manufacturing resources by Tesla and Google investors have on the decision to use lithium ion? Tesla Motors lied about the safety metrics of its lithium ion battery system?

Tesla Sell’s It’s Cars To It’s Own Investors Who Buy Them As Shills To “Pump The Stock Valuation” It is a fact that a majority of Tesla cars have been sold to it’s own investors or associates who act as “fluffers” against any bad PR?

Tesla’s controls news shill sites like Value Walk, Think Progress, and a very specific list of hired shills that blog Elon Musk’s fake PR hype.

Tesla and Musk lied on their Department of Energy Application and, in fact, never legally qualified for the Section 136 funds. In multiple recorded interviews, Elon Musk is on public record stating that, at the time of application for the DOE loan Tesla was on the verge of bankruptcy. The DOE loan was mandated under a Federal law known as Section 136. This law stated that no car company could receive money if it was on the verge of bankruptcy. Past accountants of Tesla have stated that Tesla was on the verge of bankruptcy at the time of the loan application. Numerous Tesla staff and contractors have verified this. Did Tesla commit a felony and acquire “unfair advantage” per the GAO? – According to DOE staff, who were at DOE when the Tesla application was submitted, nothing that Tesla submitted was ever built by Tesla. In fact, these staff state that the vehicle that Tesla eventually sold was not even designed or engineered when Tesla was approved for the loan money, contrary to the Section 136 law requirement. They say that Tesla took the money and THEN hired people to figure out what they were going to do with it. As shown in the DOE files, the engineering of the shipping Tesla cars has no element that was submitted to DOE. Why did Tesla Motors provide falsified information in order to acquire it’s Federal funding?