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It’s never been about sexism. It’s never been about OMG your crapping on my childhood. It’s always been about how shitty your movie is going to be.



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Seriously, how stupid are the people behind this? They have an untalented director, unfunny and untalented actresses, terrible writers, and terrible visual style / effects. After everyone decides not to see the movie because of this, they then decide to attempt to insult and shame people into paying to see their shitty movie.



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“Individually and together, they’re as unique as Bill Murray and Aykroyd and Ramis and Hudson were,”

The arrogance… Jesus.



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Individually and together, they’d cause a bridge to collapse…



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Please don’t kill yourself, you make me laugh on a semi regular basis.

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How many times have we heard of a Ghostbusters 3 in the works, only to have Bill Murray say it’s not going to happen cause it’s a shit idea?

Then, not that there’s any problem with women on the big screen, but in today’s climate when you replace the entire cast with women, you make it about sexism, and the movie becomes “oh look how female we are” instead of anything to do with the actual fucking plot.

I think there’s way too much talk about gender.

“I think there’s too much heat coming from this fire I started.”



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Won’t convince anyone, unfortunately. He’s a (((white))) male who has no right to “mansplain.”

Although I did mention my mom thinking the movie is stupid because ghosts don’t fart.

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