What are Google’s crimes and illicit activities:

What are Google’s crimes and illicit activities:




War Profiteering
Google’s investors and executives promoted the deaths of soldiers and civilians in order to control lithium mines in Afghanistan for Google car, phone, device and Goldman Sachs partnered commodity market rigging. (Click for more details..)




Google spies on everyone –


Every single thing that Google does is designed to spy on people, capture their private information, create a psychological profile and use their own information against them for illicit political and profiteering purposes. (Click for more details..)




Google uses Stasi tactics to manipulate the public –


Google uses Stasi propaganda psychological subliminal messaging, mood manipulation and influencing tricks to manipulate the public into voting for things that only Google owners believe in. (Click for more details..)




Sexual Deviancy –


Google’s people are documented engaging in a huge number of sordid sex scandals which indicate the moral structure of Google. (Click for more details..)




Tax Fraud –


Google has been documented evading tax contributions and thereby cutting off funds for American schools, infrastructure repairs, fire houses, medical services and other public needs paid for by those taxes. (Click for more details..)




Bribery –


Google has been documented bribing political officials. (Click for more details..)




Election Rigging-


Google has been documented rigging U.S., India, British and other elections. (Click for more details..)




Murders? –


Numerous news articles have charged that Google executives or venture capitalists had Forrest Hayes, Rajeev Motwani, Gary D. Conley, Karl Slym, David Bird, Andrew Brietbart and a number of other persons killed because they threatened to expose Google’s political manipulations(Click for more details..)




Organizing a Government Coup –


Google is widely documented placing hundreds of it’s staff inside the White House and decision points throughout the U.S. and California state government including the DOE and USPTO (Click for more details..)




Attempting to kill off patent protection for U.S. inventors –


Google funded a program to change U.S. patent laws to prevent inventors from collecting the money that Google owes them for stealing their products. Google put it’s lawyer in control of the U.S. Patent Office. (Click for more details..)




Taking advantage of naive young employees –
Google has been sued by numerous employees because Google uses them and takes advantage of them. (Click for more details..)




Promoting the loss of American jobs by massively importing overseas labor –


Google funds, hires and promotes cheap non-domestic labor. (Click for more details..)


Google found to be a racist organization –


Google hires almost no blacks and has almost no black upper management. (Click for more details..)




Running a cult-like environment –


Google puts employees through “mindfulness” brain washing and keeps employees on it’s buses, food courts, parties, social media and email in order to control all aspects of their lives and push scientology-like Google-thinking. (Click for more details..)




Google promotes misogyny and the use of women as “sex objects” for billionaires –


Google has almost no women employees and only promotes “girlfriends” of the founders and VC’s. (Click for more details..)




Google founder Larry Page makes a career of stealing ideas and technologies –


Read the New York Times article that blew the story wide open. (Click for more details..)




The European Union, Russia, China, Spain and most non-U.S. controlled countries have filed charges against Google –


(Click for more details..)




Google was funded by rogue elements of the CIA that went wildly “off the reservation” –
See these Corbett Report documentaries and associates articles… (Click for more details..)




Google created the failed “Arab Spring” –


Arab Spring turned out to be one of the most failed democracy movements in history and led to the deaths and torture of many people.(Click for more details..)




Stock market rigging –


Google works with Goldman Sachs to rig news to coincide with illegal stock market “pump and dumps”, “Flash Boy Algorithms”, “Buy bots” and “Skims”. (Click for more details..)




Google co-operated the Cleantech Crash –


Google put Steven Chu in the Department of Energy to provide kickbacks to Google VC’s in a scam that cost American taxpayers over a trillion dollars in losses. (Click for more details..)




Google owns part of Tesla in an illegal payola scheme –


Tesla was funded by political bribery in exchange or campaign rigging by Google. Tesla is a corrupt organization support by Google’s corruption to exploit Google’s lithium mine holdings with Sachs. Google/Tesla were also given parts of NASA as part of the payola including contracts, airfields for private jets and free jet fuel. (Click for more details..)




Google is part of an illegal Cartel –


A Cartel is an illegal monopolistic alliance. The Silicon Valley No Poaching Lawsuit, The AngelGate Scandal and numerous investigations prove that Google runs 2/3 of Silicon Valley via an illegal Cartel while being protected by political officials Google bribes. (Click for more details..)




And that is only part of the charges… –
(Click for more details..)






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