The Biggest Disaster In The History Of Silicon Valley

The Biggest Disaster In The History Of Silicon Valley




By Roger Misoti



If you believe the House of Cards TV show screed about Google being PollyHop or if you think that Milo the pundit is right about Silicon Valley being a rogue CIA plot to rig the elections then you will love this.



In all of the ruckus about Silicon Valley “rigging news and information to use subliminal messaging and psychology tricks to put Obama and Hillary in the White House in exchange for contract favors” the biggest upset has come from increasing the use of Silicon Valley’s social media networks. The new users, though, are not the audience that Silicon Valley wants. They are forensic media analysts.



In getting caught rigging the internet for what Google’s campaign financiers want, the companies owned by those financiers have been forced to issue some of the most epic denials the corporate world has ever seen.



If you believe the “we didn’t do it”, “you misunderstood”, “It was a rogue programmer”, “no, really, we really do love Trump” denials then you would naturally assume it will never happen again, if you give misogynist Silicon Valley billionaires the benefit of the doubt.



In court and public opinion, it takes three events to make a pattern or a conspiracy.



It is an election year.



Does anybody think that Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are going to blow off a decade long multi-billion dollar political investment to rig elections when this may be their last shot to ever do it?



So you have these manic lefty crazy billionaires who are pouring half of their cash into “curing aging” because they know they will die soon and the other half of their cash into putting Hillary in the White House in exchange for more exclusive federal contracts and “green energy cash” hand-outs.



These crazy old burned out frat boys are gunning for their last hurrah. The rest of the world is gunning for them. EVERYBODY IS WATCHING!



Robert Epstein (@DrREpstein) is Senior Research Psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology in Vista, California. A long-time professor and researcher, Dr. Epstein has published fifteen books on artificial intelligence and other topics and is the former editor-in-chief of Psychology Today magazine. He has published numerous papers on how to catch Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin rigging public perceptions in a conspiratorial way.


The European Union has hired a team of experts to monitor the rigging. Russia and China have hired even bigger teams to monitor.


The average person can monitor the rigging and shout it out in Technicolor detailed screen grabs on VOAT.CO and and their own blogs.


From this day forward, if the lefty cartel of Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin do their tricks it will documented, archived, analyzed and used against them just like they do to consumers with their data harvesting spy tactics. If one set of eyeballs see’s political manipulation on these sites then they can record it and prove it to billions of consumers. OOOPSIE – Eric Schmidt!




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