Why Alton Sun thinks that VC Tim Draper and the Silicon Valley Douchebags suck Quail Eggs

Why Alton Sun thinks that VC Tim Draper and the Silicon Valley Douchebags suck Quail Eggs




By Conrad Turner- DU



“Life is a series of calibrations”, says Alton Sun. He goes on to say: “Currently, the greatest and most scalably sustainable form of happiness is that which is felt through others. Intelligent design appears to be society’s current bottleneck – why does google’s ranking cater to click-bait? Why doesn’t linkedin facilitate conversations via prepopulated messages based on similar interests? Why not surface commonalities and present those in a form of a serendipitous proposals to meet with friends when Facebook and google know what I like, where I’ll be when, and who else is nearby?”


Alton wants to talk to folks in Silicon Valley about what happens to the millions (20+% of America) that will soon be unemployed when self-driving cars will do 100x the work for 10x the price/year?, about why doesn’t Facebook notify us when we’re spending an unhealthy amount of time on it?, about investing cognitive bandwidth like consuming food (self care/veggies, momentum of wealth/protein, love/fruits and sweets) and about what the rest of the world do as China births super humans that are smarter, faster, and more robust than us in every way? (Largely due to their willingness to experiment on human embryos) and can we get Peter Thiel’s company to grow BIGGER super humans?


Alton Sun wrote a notorious article about how venture capitalist Tim Draper was a cult leader and a douchebag who had created a “University” which he said was just a temple of self-glorification. Mr. Draper black-listed Sun, in Silicon Valley, according to Sun’s associates.

Alton exists for the purpose of “distilling mental models for navigating difficult conversations with our parents, our lovers, and with our internal emotions.” Mr. Sun felt that his public conversation with Tim Draper was one of those “difficult” conversations through which Sun and Draper had to navigate. It may be that the hatred they share has, indeed, brought them closer; not so much in a gay closeted Silicon Valley Gawker Expose’ way but in a brother-on-brother, rolling around on a slippery sheet, loving, bear wrestling kind of way. Both may now respect the power and peacockery of the other while, at the same time, wanting the other to jump off a building.


While Tim Draper is a Tesla and Obama financial backer, he will not pull any punches when it comes to his disdain for the outspoken Sun. Tim Draper may have been covertly behind many of the solar power schemes in the Department of Energy Cleantech Crash, but this is a Sun-related disaster that Draper may not be able to buy his way out of.



Simone Syed


Founder & Managing Partner, Velorum Capital



Max Song


Data Scientist, Entrepreneur, Schwarzman Scholar



Jacob Cole


Cofounder at IdeaFlow



Emily Brennan


Marketing Manager at Qimple



Jose’ De Dios


Mentor, Advisor, Investor at Startups Showcase Group



Jack Haldrup


Founder & CEO at Dr. Squatch Soap Co.



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