Burning Man To Build World’s Largest Frat House Sex Den In The Desert

Burning Man To Build World’s Largest Frat House Sex Den In The Desert

By Marcia Coyote

The nearly all-white Silicon Valley hedonism party for the privileged fraternity house-raised male is now going to be 24/7, all year long.

Burning Man has bought nearly 7000 acres of land at Fly Ranch for a non-stop party of sin, debauchery, scantily clad women, drug-taking and the worship of giant commercially contracted idols.

Burning Man pays prop designers to make giant versions of everything from chairs, to torsos to toilets, ideally in a manner which will involve superficial irony for the artistically challenged. The hope is that the drugged up revelers will worship the giant idols and pay their hundreds of dollars to the “Burning Man Foundation” instead of the church collection plate.

The Catholic Church, Muslims, Buddhists, Protestants, Southern Christian Baptists, and most sane people, seem to have a problem with the cultish religion that Burning Man has become. Burning Man pretends to be an “art festival” while, in fact, it is now a commercialized religion preying on naive young girls and over-privileged Brock Turner yuppie kids from Stanford.

Aside from all of the date rapes, utter lack of any other skin color, but white, insane money show-off-ing, and self-aggrandizing narcissism of the selfie-generation gone mad; Burning Man is just the worst that society has to offer. It is entirely an insiders romp through the most hideous forms of self-indulgence you can possibly imagine.

Got flat abs, a deep tanning salon spray-on and plastic boobs and lips? Then you get to have sex with a different hottie every few hours on the Playa. Are you sporting some love handles or a bit-o-flab? Then “get outta here”. Burning Man sex is only for the superficially appointed.

Every single Burning Man organizer will go to great lengths, in a screaming rant of self-righteous proclamations, to assure you that “The Man” has nothing to do with sex or drugs because they do not want to lose their 501 C 3 non-profit tax evasion status. The reality is that Burning Man is the closest thing to Sodom and Gomorrah on Earth.

Aside from the exclusion of Blacks and poor people, Burning Man has the most incest-oriented culture around. If you don’t have dread-locks, sun-fried skin, tattoos, dress in 20 layers of “free trade” fabric, and manifest a total disdain for monogamy then you will not be allowed to get near the inner circle. All of the people that work on Burning Man only have sex with each other. They practice the free-love hippie culture as if it was July 6th, 1965. Their bible is the “Mad Max” movie franchise and few of them seem to believe that Mad Max is not a documentary film series.

If you question them or “The Man” you will be ostracized and shunned as if you asked the Jewish Prime Minister: “What’s so bad about Palestinians?”

The stoned, everything-is-wonderful, self-obsessed, glaze-eyed, cult-like stare of every seasoned Burner is terrible to behold. Some of the most misogynistic, female-abusive occurrences in America have taken place at Burning Man. Aside from the drugged out date-rapes, which Burning Man PR agents go to great lengths to keep out of the news, there are other SJW horrors. A number of attending males have published epic photographic documentation of all of the Burning Man women letting strange men squeeze their breasts.

Another posted all of his sex conquests over a 3 day period in the Playa. It turns out women in the desert, loaded up on ecstasy and pot, rarely say “no”. The number of people who got AIDS and Syphilis at Burning Man is reaching record-breaking numbers. Nobody can evade taxes like The Burning Man. What with Panama Papers, you might think this would be an issue. Tax free ranches sound good about now, too. I have been at Burning Man many times and I, and my friends, have seen the twisted culture of it get more and more twisted every year. Now, it is simply a for-profit cult.

Does Burning Man need an intervention? Should a group of savvy citizens go down to their Mission District headquarters in San Francisco and have a word with them? Should the Congress investigate them? Congressman Burton went down to have a word with a similar organization after word got out that they were drinking the Kool Aid too much. That didn’t work out so well for the poor Congressman or the followers of the Jim Jones cult, who also went off and built their own big ranch out in the sticks.

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