An Open Letter to the Google Cartel:


Dear Eric, Larry, Sergey, John, Elon, and Jared:

I am one of the people suing you for the criminally illicit behavior you engaged in against me, personally, and against billions of members of the public.

You approached me, spied on my technology, stole my technology and never paid me. You paid for, operated and managed moles, character assassination attacks, anti-trust hit jobs, search engine rigging, political bribes, and other violations, in order to seek to damage me and my investors. I know this not only because I, and my staff and partners, witnessed these things, but also because top law enforcement, intelligence, Congressional, newsmedia, special investigators and ex-Google staff informed us of these things.

I was asked to help law enforcement with investigations that they are conducting into your technology theft, tax evasion, misogyny, stock fraud, racism, campaign finance disclosures and illicit manipulations of public policy. As a matter of fact, I am not aware of any law enforcement agency that does not have an investigation running on your Cartel.

Your organization meets and exceeds the definition of a “monopoly” and a “cartel”. The belief by your organization, that you are ” untouchable” because you have purchased SOME White House, law enforcement, regulatory and elected official’s personnel is a false hope for you. You have placed hundreds of your employees in key positions in the Federal and State government, but this has proven to be a misplaced facade in your hubris and billionaire narcissism.


Your company is being raided for tax fraud. You are being investigated and cited by all of China, Russia and Europe. You are being called out for being an elitist political sham by every independent news outlet in the world. Every single individual you planted in the U.S. and European governments has been identified, tracked and they are already being removed from their roles. You have only seen a small percentage of what the global public and the law have in store for you.

A large number of multi-year IP metrics analysis and “sting” investigations, including one of ours, has proven that you maliciously attacked me, and others, because you were not smart enough to invent your own products. You chose to cheat rather than compete. You tried to kill my brand, income, and business of building world-improving technologies, with my teams and clients, because your frat house boys club cannot tolerate outsiders or the competitive market space.

Now that the law, media and public service groups know what you are, and are aligned with a common goal, would you like to settle this case today?



The San Francisco Bar Association has invited you to participate in a friendly mediation to seek to resolve the outstanding issues. Why have you not responded to the request by the San Francisco Bar Association with cooperation?

Without breaking a single law, and with the help of the finest law enforcement, intelligence, journalism, analysis and public interest agencies in the world, your entire Cartel can be terminated. The lawyers working for you will never get paid, all of your pensions and stock will be worthless, and Google will live in the history books as “just-another-Enron”.

Can we just settle this today? You know, I know, the cops know, and every day a million more members of the public know what you did. You are at this point, just beating a dead horse and trying to hold out before the elections. Read the newspaper, that is no longer a possibility.

I am not aligned with any political party or interest. I enjoy seeing corrupt officials from ANY political party go to federal prison. This is not about politics, it is about justice.

Please, today, demonstrate that you have a shred of ethics left and come to the bargaining table. Evasion is no longer an option. We are collecting all of the news articles, leaks and reports about your global indiscretions at:



Wow, just a quick scan of what the world already thinks about you makes one wonder what kind of people would associate with your operation. Do you want to turn things around?

Give a call and let’s get the mediation going and work this out.




CC: David H. Kramer, Peter Cornelius Hol, Scott Douglas Redmond,, Shelby Pasarell Tsai, Eric Schmidt, Elon Musk, John Doerr, Larry Page, Jared Cohen, David Axelrod, Steven Chu, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, The European Union investigations group, The Government Accountability Office, The U.S. Senate Ethics Committee, The Federal Trade Commission, The Securities and Exchange Commission, The San Francisco Police Department, The Federal Elections Committee, PUBLICJUSTICE.ORG, The Office of the Special Counsel, FAIRSEARCH.ORG, Judicial Watch, Cause of Action, The U.S. Attorney General, The Electronic Freedom Foundation, Open Rights Group, British Parliament, U.S. Congress members, Commodity Futures Trading Commission investigations group, OPENRIGHTSGROUP.ORG, The Victim Ombudsmen At The U.S. Department of Justice,, The Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board, California Public Utilities Commission, PRIVACY.ORG, The American Civil Liberties Union, EPIC.ORG, The California Attorney General, (per active case numbers and investigations); international public interest journalists and The American Public