Since the beginning of Trump’s presidential run, it has been extremely difficult to find pro Donald Trump news and updates. Even though there are established websites that favor Trump, their favorable articles never seem to work their way up into the top of Google search results.


Why is this?


Since beginning REGATED by introducing a Republican unity article, our own analysis team has incessantly struggled to find supportive Donald Trump news on our Google searches — so we decided to look into it; we had to make sure we weren’t crazy before throwing some interesting news into the mix. We employed our own, Victor Smith, to do some research on the matter. He compiled the results into a video, and the outcome was actually pretty surprising. Take a look:


What does this prove? That most of the represented Donald Trump articles found on Google paint him in a negative light, while most of the Hillary Clinton articles that were shown, approvingly support her.


Now, you might be thinking that this is a huge conspiracy theory. But here’s some evidence that will make you rethink that: Over the past seven years, Google has been intertwined with and created an unprecedented partnership with Obama’s White House — providing expertise, services, advice, and personnel for vital government projects. Yes, that’s correct. Google is an integral part of Obama’s administration. Just how integral, though?


It’s not easy to tell. However, we can look at other countries to help us paint a picture of what could be happening in this country, and why pro Donald Trump news is being censored. In the European Union, Google is facing two major antitrust charges for taking advantage of its dominance in mobile operating systems and search. Alternatively, in the United States, a strong case to sanction Google was obliterated by an appointed commission. Who appointed this commission? The president. Barack Obama.


johanna_sheltonBoth Google and the White House are very secretive about their respective partnerships. However, we do know the amount of times that each Google employee visited the white house. Some of these numbers are borderline insane. Johanna Shelton, a Google lobbyist, visited the building 128 times in her career. This is over 2x as much as the leading representatives such as Microsoft. The previous information was aggregated by The Intercept. They also reported that:


‘Americans know surprisingly little about what Google wants and gets from our government,’ said Anne Weismann, executive director of Campaign for Accountability, a nonprofit watchdog organization.


As you can see, all of these ties lead into the idea that it’s possible that Google is allegedly censoring pro Donald Trump articles for their own political gain. They have invested so much energy into the Obama administration, and cannot force to lose all of the corruption that they have manufactured if a Trump presidency is inevitable.


Google is also doing its part by allegedly eliminating the threat of small conservative news sites, before they can gain traction and have a large web presence. It was reported by NewsWithViews that users of Google Chrome were falsely notified that “malware” existed on their website, but not the entire site. The malware blocks only occurred in columns that addressed political and social issues from a conservative or libertarian perspective, according to several writers and the editor at NWV.


Readers attempting to access NWV content were met by warnings that falsely claimed “malware” that was hazardous to personal computers existed on the web site. A number of emails were received by the NWV editor complaining about the problem and saying they were fearful of damaging their desktop or laptop computers by accessing news stories and opinion columns.

For example, one of the top columnists, Kelleigh Nelson, who frequently writes on political issues had problems with readers not being able to access her opinion pieces appearing on NWV. Kelleigh is 100% pro Trump.

Google isn’t the only offender of this alleged remarkable censorship, though. It was recently discovered that Facebook also favored their “trending news” bar toward pro – liberal news. Our own REGATED writers found ties that correlated these incidents with Twitter, as well. What we have here is an epidemic of free information, something that needs to change. And fast. This isn’t the same America that our founding fathers built, and not even the same America that was progressed by Ronald Reagan. There’s one man who can solve these kinds of problems in our generation, and that man is Donald J. Trump.