94 Million People In USA can’t get jobs and it only takes 65 million people to elect a U.S. President

Americans Not In The Labor Force Soar To Record 94.7 Million, Surge By 664,000 In One Month

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So much for that much anticipated rebound in the participation rate. After it had managed to rise for 5 months in a row through March, hitting the highest level in one year, the disenchantment with working has returned, and the labor force participation rate promptly slumped in both April and May, sliding 0.4% in the past two months to 62.60%, just shy of its 35 year low of 62.4% hit last October. This can be seen in the surge of Americans who are no longer in the labor force, who spiked by 664,000 in May, hitting an all time high of 94.7 million. As a result of this the US labor force shrank by over 400,000 to 158,466K, down from 158,924K a month ago, and helped the unemployment rate tumble to 4.7%, the lowest level since 2007.

Adding the number of unemployed workers to the people not in the labor force, there are now over 102 million Americans who are either unemployment or no longer looking for work.


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We unemployed some folks 

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How many times do we have to go over this? It doesn’t make any sense to include people in the labor force who aren’t looking for work! This could be anybody who is retired, or who has simply taken some time off to study, travel or pursue personal interests. Yes, many of these people are collecting welfare, but that is our right as Americans. We pay into the system, and we are all entitled to receive welfare from the system as and when we choose. That’s what makes it fair.

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“but that is our right as Americans. We pay into the system, and we are all entitled to receive welfare from the system as and when we choose. That’s what makes it fair.”\

either this is dripping with sarcasm, or you are a lazy sack of shit.

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If you think this is sarcasm, you are mistaken. And no, collecting welfare is not ‘lazy’, it’s our right. There’s plenty of wealth to go around – do you know what the average CEO salary at a fortune 500 is? Just one of those salaries could pay for a thousand people! So don’t tell me that I can’t get welfare … OK??!!

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Record 94.7 Million




Do you believe in miracles?

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it is not your “Right”

grow up.

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I just love how the left loves to conflate “right” and “privilege” to suit their political needs.  

Fuck them.  

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nothing funnier than a loser admitting he’s a loser.  its our “right” to get free shit.  i blame the lazy parents for raising that lazy sack of shit to expect everything for free.  no wonder bernie has a fighting chance still.  generation “entitled”.

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I am afraid I don’t understand this.  Welfare and other social programs exist because Americans have voted for them and support them.  You may be part of a minority who is adamantly against any government handouts but that does not mean that collecting welfare, social security or other state benefits is not a right.

If you feel that collecting money or services from the state is wrong, I entreat you to never call the police or fire department.  Deal with your garbage on your own property.  Send your children to private school.  Etc.

Opinions are fine but letting your opinion cloud your judgement of fact is a mistake and makes your arguments weak.  Basically you come across as some right-wing, uneducated Baptist from the deep South.  Wait, is that GW?


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I think most of us here are fine with social costs (e.g., taxes) when the benefits of those taxes are socialized (e.g., calling the police, or driving to work, etc., etc.,) because everyone benefits from these services equally.  


The problem I have is when the fees are socialized (e.g., taxes) but the benefits are privatized (e.g., welfare, both individual and corporate) when one person benefits to the exclusion of all others.  


I am completely fine with paying taxes for streets, bridges, railway, airports, etc., etc., but I am completely against taxes for welfare, food stamps, socialized housing or corporate welfare.  


Basically, you come across as some pompous left-wing low-information authoritarian asshole from from trendy overpriced shithole part of town. 

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“Basically, you come across as some pompous left-wing low-information authoritarian asshole from from trendy overpriced shithole part of town. ”

Money quote.  Brilliant.

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No, actually I am a wealthy, retired oil trader with centrist to right-wing political tendencies. However, I happen to believe that ad hominem insults are a first and last resort for people who have little else to contribute.

My point is not that I for or against any form of socialism.  My point is that the people on this blog are arguing their opinions and using those opinions to merely insult.  Welfare happens to be a right in the US.  Now, feel free to argue that you disagree with that right and justify why you are against it.  But denying the right exists is counter-factual and simply reduces your arguments to rabid ravings.

And feel free to insult me. Your insults, like your arguments, are pointless and childish.

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“I happen to believe that ad hominem insults are a first and last resort for people who have little else to contribute.”


Um ….


“Basically you come across as some right-wing, uneducated Baptist from the deep South.”


But I digress


Congratulations on being wealthy.  I am too.  What do that have to do with anything?  



Regrettably for your thought process, “rights” “entitlements” and “privileges” are not synonymous with one another. To argue they all mean the same, *especially* in a legal context reduces your arguments to rabid ravings while highlighting you lack a fundamental understanding of how government works, and where your actual rights come from.  



Continue to insult people who disagree with you.  Like your faux-arguments … they have no meaning, and are merely a collection of words.  




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MDB, You are fucking pathetic to the bone. Go suck up someplace else Bitch, I heard Big O is looking for a Reggie replacement.

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Fuck off, and no that aint sarcasm

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It is impossible to have a “right” (technically a positive right) which inherently relies on taking from others, thus violating their real and actual rights.


There are no positive rights in the Bill of Rights, nor are social payments included in there.  You are wrong, and a dangerous fool peddling misinformation.

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“plenty of wealth to go around” 

So continue to waste your life accomplishing nothing. Or just kill yourself, same fucking thing.

What is that end or goal for which we should direct all of our activities? Everywhere we see people seeking pleasure, wealth, and a good reputation. But while each of these has some value, none of them can occupy the place of the chief good for which humanity should aim. To be an ultimate end, an act must be self-sufficient and final, “that which is always desirable in itself and never for the sake of something else” (Nicomachean Ethics, 1097a30-34), and it must be attainable by man. Aristotle claims that nearly everyone would agree that happiness is the end which meets all these requirements. It is easy enough to see that we desire money, pleasure, and honor only because we believe that these goods will make us happy. It seems that all other goods are a means towards obtaining happiness, while happiness is always an end in itself.

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I must’ve been beamed into a Parallel Universe, because I actually find myself agreeing with MDB on this one — albeit for a different reason:

The more are on welfare, the SOONER we stop remodeling “This Old Shithouse”, and the sooner we get to Systemic Collapse.


I’m low on Hopium, so… Bring it!

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If we only had the RIGHT to disparage you and not rely on anonymity for cover….but we know that would be a hate crime.

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I think the rules will be simplified over the next few years. Get while the gettin’ is good.

New TV show: Have vs. Have Nots

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Nice try. Entitlement to benefits while out of work destroys incentive to look for one, further, burden of paying for unemployed is shifted towards those who are working, who are in turn disincentivized to work since they carry double burden. And if all those ‘breaks’ were gardening leaves, all North Americans deserts would be one beautiful garden by now. 100 million is a yuuuge army (which might be the real intention, if you drill down a bit).

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Funny part of your rant is NO ONE CARE OR BELEIVES YOU ANY MORE!

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You gotta hand it to MDB.

I ain’t seen so many panties in a twist since Chubby Checker.

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Hey million. Surprised to see you here. I thought you’d be sleeping in this morning after you and your FSA comrades mobbed Trump supporters last night. You motorboating bastards.

I know it’s against FSA policies and procedures, but you might want to hold on to that Soros cash you received after the riot, Deutsche Bank looks like it’s about to go tits up any second now. Did you know Soros was rich? And the vast majority of the centeral bankers are leftists? Probably not, because there’s one thing you can count on about the left, they only have two brain cells, who spend all there time butt fucking each other.