Public Reacts To Gawker Magazine Scandal

–]MrBleah[S] 130 points 20 hours ago 

The world’s tiniest violin plays the world’s saddest song tonight for Nick Denton and Gawker.

[–]Sarcasticorjustrude 78 points 20 hours ago 

When you can dish it, but can’t take it….

[–]beyd1 52 points 19 hours ago 

Check out these 5 times gawker dished it but couldn’t take it!

[–]PearTron2000 7 points 18 hours ago 

Local mom finds way to take it and dish it out!

[–]RyogaXenoVee 7 points 13 hours ago 

Doctors Hate Him… Wait, thats the wrong site huh?

[–]StormtrooperLuigi 2 points 10 hours ago 

You’ll never guess what happens next, the secrets will shock you!

[–]HalalVeggieBacon 211 points 21 hours ago 

Well, you know, if your company wasn’t in the habit of illegal and trashy journalism, maybe you wouldn’t owe $140 million.

[–]NotAGangMember 74 points 20 hours ago 

Right. Because I want to be lectured about morals from someone who would videotape a person getting ready to get hit by a truck instead of yelling “get out of the road” because the video might go viral.

[–]HalalVeggieBacon 16 points 20 hours ago 

Can you provide some context? I have no idea what you’re talking about.

[–]NotAGangMember 26 points 20 hours ago 

On your side. Gawker is scum.

[–]HalalVeggieBacon 10 points 20 hours ago 


People suck, and Gawker didn’t make that a truth. But people suck, and we don’t need Gawker to point it out.

[–]alistermackenzie 1 point 8 hours ago 

While I belive that I agree with you, Gawker’s pageviews tally a different story. My hunch is that Theil will lose more than he anticipated in his previously anonymous campaign and sensationalism will proceed.

[–]FixBayonetsLads 5 points 12 hours ago 

Gawker was Liveleaks before places like Liveleaks and /r/Watchpeopledie were a thing.

[–]tobsterius 9 points 10 hours ago 

I thought LiveLeaks was originally Ogrish? Ogrish was around for a while; certainly before Gawker.

[–]ridger5 2 points 6 hours ago 

Yeah, in fact, if you go to the Ogrish website, it redirects to Liveleak. And they were around back in 2003 or earlier.

[–]CDXXRoman 2 points 5 hours ago 

No. Orgish was. Then they rebranded to liveleak.

[–]thebeginningistheend 6 points 8 hours ago 

Mmm this schadenfreude is absolutely delicious. More please.

[–]BallsJefferson 91 points 20 hours ago 

Thiel decided that Gawker didn’t deserve to exist, gave it a thumbs down and paid the Hulkster’s lawyer so they could side step Gawker’s insurance company entirely, forcing Gawker to pay the entire bill themselves.

And it’s fucking glorious.

[–]NewClayburn 2 points 9 hours ago 

How does this get around insurance?

[–]Silent_Ogion 21 points 9 hours ago 

A lot of legalese, to be honest. And given who was backing the lawyers going after Gawker, they happily did the legalese properly to sink Gawker.

[–]RandomPantsAppear 14 points 9 hours ago 

They “removed specific language” from the suit that would involve the insurance company.

I’m getting that means they changed the content/cause of the complaint from something that was covered to something that wasn’t.

[–]SgtSweatySac 42 points 19 hours ago 

Anything that contributes to Patricia Hernandez becoming unemployed is alright in my book.

[–]Quartzee 5 points 9 hours ago 

Why? Who’s that? I’m out of the loop here.

[–]zachattack82 8 points 6 hours ago 

I just googled her name and an IGN forum post led me to this.

Now I agree with the guy you replied to.

[–]RapsFan420 38 points 18 hours ago 

Lol I like how he brings up the sob story of a journalist who can no longer find work because of the law suit. Maybe a bigger reason is that other employers don’t consider posting sex tapes without consent to be journalism?

[–]BabyNapoleons 9 points 10 hours ago 

Didn;t read it, but theres no way he could have been referring to any of gawkers employees as journalists?

[–]Silent_Ogion 3 points 9 hours ago 

Sadly, he is. Whether or not he really is that delusional I have no idea, but he’s trying to play the sympathy card that way.

[–]pokll 8 points 7 hours ago 

And how many times have they gloated about getting people fired for lesser transgressions?

[–]nickcorvus 43 points 16 hours ago 

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

“Is your goal to bankrupt, buy, or wound Gawker Media?” Mr. Denton wrote. “If you were to own the company after a final judgment in the Hogan case, what would your editorial strategy be?”

If it were me, if someone had publicly exposed my private life to further their agenda, my answer would be “burn it to the ground”.

Or maybe I’d do something poetic and turn it into a watchdog for journalistic abuses. Call them out when they step across the line. He’s a billionaire. He wouldn’t particularly need it to make money. It could even run at a modest loss if need be.

But my first answer would probably be, “burn it to the ground”.

[–]__SoL__ 18 points 9 hours ago 

Even now Denton doesn’t get it. Thiel would probably just liquidate the company.

[–]nickcorvus 11 points 9 hours ago 

Oh, I’m sure he doesn’t get it. He’s arrogant enough to think he knows better than Thiel how Thiel should live his life. He’s arrogant enough to think that in a sense he should be able to control Thiel’s choices.

The man posited that Thiel was in the closet because it could hurt his livelihood. Then he went ahead and exposed him anyway in the name of “the cause”. That’s not just arrogance.

If you choose to sacrifice your own comfort for a cause, that’s admirable. If you choose to sacrifice someone else’s comfort to push a point of view, that’s not just arrogance, that’s evil.

[–]lumloon 1 point 4 hours ago 

What about the people who outed Oliver Sipple?

[–]nickcorvus 2 points 4 hours ago 

I don’t know about that beyond the quick skimming I just did on Wikipedia. From what little I know it sounds just as evil.

[–]pokll 6 points 7 hours ago 

“If you were to own the company after a final judgment in the Hogan case, what would your editorial strategy be?”

How about not post sex tapes without the consent of those filmed? How hard is that?

[–]nickcorvus 2 points 4 hours ago 

All those click-dollars tho…

[–]nvkylebrown [score hidden] 26 minutes ago 

Without that and similar dreck, the company is worthless. Insist on cash.

[–]greywar777 77 points 18 hours ago 

Someone you offended is going after your multi-million dollar company. Awwww.

Gawker you decided to throw dirt at someone who is bigger then you. That was for no good purpose. They punch back. You get no sympathy from me.

[–]58786 38 points 17 hours ago 

Throw dirt? It’s not like they exposed unethical business practices or domestic abuse or something, they outed a guy. That’s not “throwing dirt” so much as opening his private life to public scrutiny.

[–]rageplauge 20 points 16 hours ago 

Yeah, but you can bet that it impacted him financial, social, or both. He lives in a world of old rich people. Not the most progressive bunch.

[–]58786 10 points 16 hours ago 

Of course, but for Gawker, an admittedly progressive journal, to do something like that? Regardless of their intent, it’s an immoral thing to do.

[–]rageplauge 15 points 16 hours ago 

They were never progressive. It has always been financially motivated, regardless of any moral questions.

[–]collinch 7 points 8 hours ago 

I’ve always found it to be rather regressive if anything. Like the “anti-free speech progressives” that are really regressive and don’t realize it.

[–]fooliam 1 point 4 hours ago 

They’re not progressive. They’re asshats and idiots.

[–]gimmemyfuckingcoffee 3 points 5 hours ago 

Thing is, they didn’t just out one guy. They also went after his friends who had no public life.

[–]nayhem_jr 1 point 15 hours ago 

More like ‘throw eyes’.

[–]nayhem_jr 1 point 15 hours ago 

oh wait no fuck I need the brain bleach! I NEED THE BRAIN BLEACH!

[–]black_flag_4ever 22 points 18 hours ago 

Being an asshole has consequences.

[–]escapegoat84 23 points 16 hours ago 

I have no personal feelings about this either way, but when I got down to the line ‘we’re just a small company from New York’ I stopped reading and closed the article.

You aren’t small. You’re a multi-million dollar company. The fact you thought you’d get away with violating a court order sealing the tapes sealed your fate.

[–]l0rdishtar 2 points 3 hours ago 

They’re only small relative to the vengeance and resources of Theil’s “fuck you money”

Following this entire story has really made my week a lot better. Gawker deserves to go down. It’s fitting that screwing over a well funded Hulk Hulgan was the legal catalyst of their ultimate demise. Nick Denton is getting a mustache ride he didn’t ask for.

[–]FalutinFree 20 points 12 hours ago 

A guy worth 9 figures is getting destroyed by a guy worth 8 figures with help from a guy worth 10 figures.

[–]dmoore13 13 points 8 hours ago 

Because 10 8 9!

[–]iGourry 19 points 18 hours ago 

I just wanna say one thing:

[–]Ramazotti 17 points 11 hours ago 

Oh Boo-fucking-Hoo. Outing an executive as gay, and publishing illegally obtained sex videos taken without consent, and then whining when people execute cold revenge? He would ruin your life in cold blood if it would promise clicks and eyeballs. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

[–]TronLightyear 15 points 18 hours ago 

gawker all around is shady as fuck and got what they deserved

[–]Jew_in_the_loo 25 points 12 hours ago 

If this were a Gawker or Jezebel headline, it would read: “Poor Widdle Baby White Man Upset That Nobody Wants To Put Up With His Shit”.

There’d probably be more baby talk as well, because there’s nothing more that millennial women journalists love more, than to add baby talk to attack others.

[–]TopShelfPrivilege 2 points 5 hours ago 

It’s more so that they know their audience consists of ignorant children who have no experience in the real world and often are incredibly out of touch with reality.

[–]my_lucid_nightmare 11 points 9 hours ago 

Classic bully behavior. It’s OK to be vindictive of others, not ok when others are vindictive of you.

[–]ehtehteht 22 points 20 hours ago 

but outing someone is cool

[–]RyogaXenoVee 10 points 13 hours ago 

Thats actually the defense they are using right now.

“Being out and gay is ‘IN’ now. So, we did you a favor.”

[–]kingofsnark 21 points 12 hours ago 

Mr. Denton also assured Mr. Thiel that Gawker’s journalists would be reporting on his involvement in lawsuits against the company.

“We, and those you have sent into battle against us, have been stripped naked, our texts, online chats and finances revealed through the press and the courts,” Mr. Denton wrote. “In the next phase, you too will be subject to a dose of transparency.”

Someone didn’t learn their lesson. I don’t see this ending well for Denton.

[–]Silent_Ogion 12 points 9 hours ago 

I like how he’s threatening Thiel as if Thiel did anything wrong in the first place. Thiel was exposed as being gay, which is a horrible thing to do to a person as a private life should remain as private as a person wishes, but it’s not illegal in the US in the slightest. Denton acting like there are more smoking guns against the man is hilarious. And Thiel? He still has pocket change to throw at Denton to completely ruin his life forever.

And I, for one, hope Thiel does. Gawker is a disgusting, sewage infested excuse of people pretending to be journalists, and Denton is amongst the worst of them. Thiel needs to throw the entire library at that asswipe.

[–]NotYourBroBrah 6 points 6 hours ago 

Yeah, this entire post is already in a file in Hogan’s Counsel’s office. It will ultimately be “Exhibit X: Bad faith on part of the defendant”.

[–]NotObviouslyARobot 8 points 17 hours ago 

You know…it’s not vindictive when you put a rabid animal down and you’d have to be foaming at the mouth stupid to say what AJ Daulerio said in a court of law.

[–]Velshtein 6 points 8 hours ago 

Let’s not forget Denton is the same asshole who made everyone turn in their cell phones at his wedding. But this same douche bag has no problem outing Thiel’s private life.

Gawker should be burned to the ground.

[–]evannever 11 points 9 hours ago 

This is the site that published the names of NYC pistol permit holders calling them “assholes” in the headline. Fuck you, Gawker.

[–]Gold_Ultima 3 points 5 hours ago 

Even as someone who doesn’t like guns, I think that’s retarded.

[–]DrFistington [score hidden] 7 minutes ago 

And then several of the homes listed in their article were broken into and had their guns stolen. Way to be socially responsible, Gawker.

[–]chambaland 5 points 17 hours ago 

Sorry dude Gawker is not journalism it’s pure shit of the ilk of Perez Hilton

[–]swampswing 5 points 9 hours ago 

Meh, when your business model specifically revolves around hurting people for the entertainment of others, you can’t expect people to not try and come after you through legitimate legal means. In fact, expecting people not to makes you an even bigger piece of shit.

[–]StopFanboyingVR 5 points 9 hours ago 

“We, and those you have sent into battle against us, have been stripped naked, our texts, online chats and finances revealed through the press and the courts,” Mr. Denton wrote.

Isn’t it Ironic? … don’t you think?

[–]Gfrisse1 5 points 7 hours ago 

They are learning firsthand the full meaning of the phrase, “what goes around, comes around.”

[–]Slimerbacca 19 points 21 hours ago 

Its expected when your company is vindictive against others

[–]scott60561 6 points 19 hours ago 

I hope This keeps on keeping on. Keep the pressure on that rag until they bust.

[–]dadtaxi 4 points 8 hours ago 

Irony much?

[–]Oxzyde 3 points 9 hours ago 

Ay Gawker, Don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit!

[–]Velshtein 3 points 8 hours ago 

Boohoo. The biggest hypocrites always cry the loudest when they get a dose of their own medicine.

[–]nlcund 3 points 7 hours ago 

Too bad he couldn’t get a jury to agree with him.

[–]waste-of-skin 6 points 19 hours ago 

boohoo. outting billionaires is expensive.

[–]ERAU 2 points 14 hours ago 

No that’s called Justice

[–]Mister-Jenkins 2 points 11 hours ago 

Well it’s to bad since a majority supports the campaign against his shit company

[–]jomiran 2 points 8 hours ago 

Kill it! Kill it with fire!

[–]here-we-stand 2 points 8 hours ago 

Boo-fuck-a-doodle-hoo, Mr. Denton. Go cry into your Scrooge McDuck style money pile.

[–]cranium 2 points 6 hours ago