Peter Thiel Questions Back To Nick Denton

Peter Thiel Questions Back To Nick Denton




By Fenton Lee




Nick Denton penned an epic “Open Letter To Peter Thiel” in which Denton sought to create a mini-deposition by hammering Thiel with a lengthy list of questions which he implored Thiel to respond to on the internet. It is, thus, only fair, that Denton answer the following questions, too:




– Nick Denton, does your former employee Gaby Darbyshire have any knowledge of offshore tax evasion that you or Gawker engaged in?




– Have you, Nick Denton, ever transferred any assets overseas? How much and when?




– Have you, Nick Denton ever had sex, or attempted to have sex with any of your employees?




– Do your extensive offers for a live public broadcast debate include an offer to debate to the young man who threw a brick through your window and went on internet interviews claiming that you pried his rectum open?




– Did you pay an Apple engineer to steal Apple prototypes and leave them in public locations for your staff to acquire?




– Did you ever compensate anyone for hacking a cell phone or telephone voicemails?




– Did you ever met the charged pedophile named Epstein?




– Were you ever in the same room as any of the suspects listed in the British Pedophile scandal or charged under the pedophile investigation in England known as “HYDRANT”?




– Has any White House staff member ever compensated you in any way for producing character assassination attacks?




– Has any White House campaign financier ever compensated you in any way for producing character assassination attacks?




– Did you hire operatives to break into Mitt Romney’s tax records so you could publish them?




– Did you hire operatives to break into Sarah Palin’s book files in order to publish them?




– How young was the youngest boy you convinced to have sex with you?




– Did you operate vendetta and retribution tactics against Sean Parker because he competed with you?




– Did you operate vendetta and retribution tactics against Sandra Montenegro/ AKA Sandra Littlefield because she spoke against you?




– Did you operate vendetta and retribution tactics against Scott Redmond on orders from White House staff because he helped the FBI and other agencies investigate your business partner?




– Did you operate vendetta and retribution tactics against your own staff, who later sued you?




– Did you create the whole “GamerGate” scandal in order to promote yourself and your business at the expense of others?




– Did you know any party who was subject to investigation in the “British Tabloid Phone Hacking Scandal”?




– Why did you leave England?




– How many times have you been sued and by whom?




– Have you fully reported all campaign contributions, as required by law, including the tens of millions of dollars of publishing and PR services you provided to 5 political campaigns?




– What percentage of the people you have hired later went on to commit suicide or become involved in drug rehabilitation programs?




– Did you assist in the death of Gary D. Conley or David Bird or do you know anyone that did?




– How much money has campaign financier Google ever transferred to your accounts or to the accounts of any entity with which you are involved?




– Do you have an arrangement with Google to work with them to lock your character assassination attacks onto the global internet using Google’s search engine rigging?




– Roughly, how many lives do you believe you have destroyed and what was your rationalization for destroying them?




Did you fabricate the story about Teresa Thomas in order to defame Yahoo so you could help Yahoo’s competitor, Google; who is your business associate?




– Did you seek to internet shame Shiva Ayyadurai, Fran Dreschers husband because you were hired by the Defendants in his lawsuit, to try to damage him as a witness?




– Did you pay to have Quintin Tarantino’s script stolen so you could publish it? Why do you have such a remarkable history of publishing stolen artifacts? Do you have professional thieves that you engage?




– Did you put a hit-job on your former associate Ashley Terrill?




– Did you have any communication with any of the other suspects in the Hulk Hogan case prior to the taping of the Hulk Hogan video tape?




– If the Chinese had hacked all of your emails and text messages, since 2007, and suddenly released them, today, would the public discover that anything that you had publicly stated was a lie?




– Are you a compensate political campaign operative?




– Has Elon Musk ever compensated you, or your business, for hyping him on the internet while slamming his competitors?




Do you and Google have a covert internet mood manipulation program arrangement to hype friends and attack enemies?




– What is the connection between Glenn Greenwald’s Ebay benefactor and Gawker Media?




– Do you exploit naive young interns? Has anyone ever sued you for doing that?




– Did you have sex with Peter Thiel?




– What is the one financial item that you most fear being exposed?




– Which British politicians were you the most connected to?




– In Taki Magazine’s article about you called: Gawker Media: Hypocrites vs. Douchecanoes, by Matt Forney, what, in detail, was Mr. Forney inaccurate about in his description about you? Will you debate Mr. Forney in a live debate to discuss these issues?




Have you ever broken campaign finance laws, tax evasion laws, anti-trust laws or any other laws?




– Are you protected by any well-known political figures who you provided un-reported campaign finances to?




– Have you ever broken the law in the U.S.A. or England?




– Do you hold real estate assets that are not reported on your taxes, as your assets but are, rather hidden under shell corporations and trusts?




– Have you ever paid for sex?




Are you currently suffering from any STD’s and, if so, shouldn’t you publicly say so because that is “Journalistic Inquiry” that the public requires due to your highly publicized sexual needs?




– Is it true that you believe you are “untouchable” by the law?




– If Google and your companies have transferred tens of millions of dollars of money and resources back and forth, how can you say that you and Google don’t rig search engines and social media to favor your friends and destroy your enemies?




– We have over 1000 more questions for you, are you ready to answer those too?








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