Gawker’s Nick Denton Authors Largest Rationalization Document In History to Peter Thiel

Gawker’s Nick Denton Authors Largest Rationalization Document In History to Peter Thiel

By Amy Cosgrove

I must confess, up front, that I have worked with Peter Thiel’s group of VC’s. Here is my take on the whole thing.

Nick Denton, upon discovering that a man, that Nick Denton tried to destroy, was mad at him sat down and wrote the largest rationalization document in the history of the world.

Within the document, one can see the clear evidence of Denton’s twisted and disturbed mental state.

As the following news articles reveal, Nick Denton has a problem with his relationship to the truth. Denton, for example, says that he has had some “relationship issues”, in the past but those who he had relationship issues with, including a young boy who threw a brick into Nick Denton’s window, said that Denton is an “abusive old queen who cares only for his next orgasm and nothing for his victims..”

Denton has a long list of victims. Denton feels that because society has refused to accept his desire for young men that society is owed some “pay-back” by Denton. Denton fills the offices of his crumbling Gawker media empire with sexually confused, naive, young angst-ridden teens who he encourages to hate everything and to rage against everyone. Wow, what a healthy workplace.

Over 400 people have had their lives attacked and destroyed by Nick Denton in the name of Denton’s “journalistic freedom”. Denton uses this term in order to try to brand himself as some sort of news crusader when, in fact, he is only exploiting real news documentation in order to line his off-shore Ukrainian and Cayman Islands bank accounts to accrue money to buy more young men.

Taki Magazine’s article nails Denton on the head:

Denton gets compensated by White House, DNC and Silicon Valley campaign financiers amnd operatives (ie: Robert Gibbs, Rahm Emanual, Elon Musk, etc.) to character assassinate their enemies.

Make no mistake about it, Denton has spent all of his time and resources destroying people. Peter Thiel has spent all of his time and resources funding medical research and society-improving technologies. Who is the devil in those details?

Other articles about Denton:

How do you help fix the internet (that your team helped create) when abusers try to break it?

In wrestling parlance: You “go to the mat”!

Thanks to wrestling personality Hulk Hogan, you have now heard of slasher-tabloid publisher Nick Denton and his “Gawker Media” gossip rag empire. Hulk Hogan recently won a $115 million dollar jury award against Nick Denton/Gawker for running a media character assassination “hit job” on Hogan.

“Gawker Media” is the front organization for a number of other duplicate attack publications with names such as “Gawker”, “Gizmodo”, “Jalopnik”, “Jezebel”, “Valleywag” and an army of other facade websites where Denton publishes all of his attack articles. Denton sends his money to the Cayman Islands, and from there to parts unknown. The tax collectors and other federal investigators are interested in the details of those activities.

The published news on these cases has implied that Hulk Hogan and other related and unrelated parties, were helping federal investigators, the U.S. Congress and the federal courts in a racketeering and corruption investigation of some of the nation’s most esteemed politicians and their crooked campaign financiers. For their trouble, Nick Denton seems to have been hired to try to wipe them out in retribution for helping bring some of his clients to justice.

“Killing” someone in Nick Denton’s Gawker Media retribution world, as we learned in the Hulk Hogan trial, involves sabotaging their brand name, career, income and social life by having Gawker Media produce hatchet job videos and articles. In the case of many victims, Gawker made attack videos and authored false and malicious defamation articles in order to try to blockade those people from being either a public spokesperson, or a witness in front of a federal Special Prosecutor that Congress was trying to install in an attempt to reform corruption in Washington DC. Denton did this in the same manner, to multiple parties, in a methodology that reminds many lawyers of RICO statute violations.

Nick Denton is the guy described in the article’s at:

VICE Learns What GamerGate Always Knew: Gawker Sucks


among thousands of others…

In retrospect, now, the sequence of facts are devastating for Gawker Media.

The facts are now supported by investigations by the FBI, Congress, the GAO, the FTC, the ACLU, news media and hundreds of other agencies.

The facts prove that Gawker ran character assassination hit job programs. Here are some of the facts:

The victims are the ONLY people in history to have both reported federal crimes by Gawker’s client’s, and gotten a series of hit jobs from Gawker Media.
ONLY Gawker Media, out of tens of millions of publications, produced hit jobs on this handful of people.
Nick Denton and Gawker Media have received tens of millions of dollars of payments from the very parties under investigation for the crimes.
ONLY Gawker Media has the proven financial and lobbying connections to the subjects of the investigations.
Gawker Media suddenly did stories and videos about these people, after never covering them in the news before, at exactly the same point as when they were supposed to testify? The timing is epically beyond coincidental.
Gawker Media specifically never contacted the targets of their attacks prior to publishing their attacks. Gawker didn’t want to hear anything that might conflict with what it had already been paid to make up about the victims.
The Sony leaks, Snowden leaks, HSBC Swiss Leaks, Guccifer leaks and Chinese leaks demonstrate the connections.
Gawker had a link-based arrangement with Google to lock the attacks into certain locations on the internet.
Since the day Gawker existed until today, almost every single other hit job Gawker has done has been almost exclusively, against the enemies of Gawker’s handlers.
Investigator surveillance records of staff texts, emails and phone calls prove the connections.
Gawker and Google’s ex-staff now work for the very people that staged the attacks, and were the subjects of the law enforcement investigations.

These facts alone, when cross indexed, are enough to make Denton think about the prospect of “The Slammer”. There are thousands of additional facts that lawyers are preparing to use in court. It is not likely that Denton and his crew will come out in one piece, when all is said and done.

The two “Big G’s”: Google and Gawker, are essentially the same entity in this matter. They partner with each other on hit jobs. Hired private forensic investigators, federal investigators, Russia, China, the EU (and pretty much anybody with a brain), has caught Google rigging the internet. You can see a non-technical description of how Google and Gawker do it on House of Cards, the TV show. Samples of those descriptions can be found in “fair use” clips such as those at these links:

Gawker sets up and publishes the hit job videos, and Google locks them on the front page of the search results on the top lines of all Google assets, immovably, forever. Google puts hidden codes into the links saying that the links are “FACTS”. This alone pretty much screws Google in court. Google does this intentionally and refuses to remove the attack links even after hundreds of written requests by lawyers and victims. Google likes its political and competitive-market revenge served cold.

Plaintiffs have proven that Google’s owners and executives were lying through their teeth to the EU and Congress when they claimed that Google’s search results and positioning was “arbitrary”. Google searches are staged and consciously manipulated to hype Google’s investments and attack Google’s enemies.

Plaintiffs have worked with investigators to set up a global forensic server analysis network to prove with forensic computers set up all over the Earth, that Google and Gawker manipulate information in a contrived manner to attack individuals. Many other investigators have had similar results in their investigations including this study:

The Google/Gawker hit job system puts attack articles and videos in front of a BILLION people within a very short amount of time using billions of dollars of resources. If you live in a small Florida town, and you have a personal fight with Nick Denton, he gets to destroy you across your entire town, the entire country you live in, and the whole planet you live on. You have no option to defend yourself. You will have to come up with at least one million dollars to try to file a lawsuit, and you will never get your hands on a million dollars to defend against his attacks. Does that seem fair? Even if you are 100% on the side of the angels, Denton still gets to destroy you just because he has Google helping him “play God” with people’s lives, as Hogan’s lawyers pointed out.

Denton uses angst-ridden bloggers like Adrian Covert, who openly advertises himself as a “character assassin” in social media, (below are his facebook and Linkedin pages),

John Hermann, and the kinds of kids-on-the-edge that Denton dredges up on his cruises through New York, as described in this article:

Gawker gets hired to do hit jobs on innocent members of the public, the media or public policy staff, when the hidden handlers of Gawker get a bug up their back-sides (Ask CBS news reporter Sharyl Attkisson). Google helps Gawker do these hit jobs. Both have the same political agendas, stock interests, friends, social connections, server suppliers, IT links and beneficiary pools. Both are dedicated to manipulating election outcomes. Both have been publicly charged with illicit actions ranging from tax evasion, to campaign finance disclosure fraud, to defamation, to privacy abuse.

Denton has now started to see his karma come back around with the Hulk Hogan trial, but there are a number of other lawsuits lined up right behind Hogans, and that is only the beginning. Who hired Gawker Media and who ran the attacks at Google? The FBI, the U.S. Congress and major publications will probably be breaking those stories after the next election.
Hulk Hogan Gets $115M Verdict Against Gawker at Trial
Scott Keeler/The Tampa Bay Times via AP, Pool, File
“The outcome comes after two weeks of testimony in a first-of-its-kind case where discussions of newsworthiness and decency dominated.
Weighing free speech against privacy, a Florida jury has decided to uphold the sanctity of the latter by turning in a $115 million verdict against Gawker…”