The Plan to Put Elon Musk Out Of Business As Punishment For His Capitol Crimes

The Plan to Put Elon Musk Out Of Business As Punishment For His Capitol Crimes

By Sanders Oakman- Submission To TechCrunch

Silicon Valley’s Peter Thiel was recently revealed to have had a decade-long plan under-way to wipe out the evil Gawker Media, an entity which only serves to harm others and engage in illicit deeds. Thiel’s take-down seems to involve an elaborate series of tactics-over-time.

A tiny company called In-Q-Tel sells tactical services to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Google and others to take out competing interests.

A legal group called Energy & Environment Legal Institute in Washington, DC has an ongoing series of operations designed, over time, to break an insider lobbying effort via a carefully implemented series of disclosures and legal actions.

There are thousands of such covert take-down programs under way. They all involve doing things that the law enforcement agencies are stone-walling, or refusing to do. In some cases, state and federal law enforcement is taking no action in order to protect corrupt campaign financiers.

Such take-down programs only work if the other side is actually doing crimes or engaging in unethical behavior.

One of the largest take-down programs is aimed at campaign financier and, so-called, “technology mobster” Elon Musk.

Musk has engaged in rather large crimes and ethical breaches in order to operate his Tesla Motors, SpaceX and Solar City based around bribes and political kickbacks. Because the payola deals he made were with Senators Reid and Feinstein, the heads of the U.S. Department of Energy and The White House, Musk gets protection racket perks from those political offices.

The Fed, The FBI, The DOJ, The SEC, The IRS, The FTC, The NHTSA and other agencies have been ordered to “NOT TAKE ANY ACTION” against Musk because even the most rudimentary investigation leads straight back to famous Senators, Senior White House staff and The President himself. Musk is currently breaching the laws that each of the aforementioned agencies is supposed to uphold.

Musk bribed his way into his current existence. Musk ordered the assassinations of companies, people, government bills, federal funds, competitors and federal ethics. Musk has lied, cheated, obfuscated and manipulated his way to the top. He has broken laws. He has evaded taxes. He has created a toxic, dangerous product that threatens domestic security by digging up Afghanistan and Bolivia in order to war-profiteer his exploding lithium batteries. He runs his entire media presence and narcissistic hubris off a fake army of internet self-promotion trolls that he spends tens of millions of dollars on. Musk has his staff, which include the aforementioned IN-Q-TEL, lie and cook the books on all of his financial filings. Musk’s pump-and-dump, skims and Flash-boy scams with Goldman Sachs are notorious. In fact, a large part of Musk’s profits come from stock market manipulation, a fact that the SEC has been told to “over-look” in the current administration.

No wonder Musk believes he can get away with anything. He can. With White House staff ordering  The Fed, The FBI, The DOJ, The SEC, The IRS, The FTC, The NHTSA to “look the other way”, he is truly the untouchable Al Capone of the decade.

While that is all well-and-good for Musk, it is very, very bad for: America, The World, morality, ethics, the law, justice, human rights, taxpayers, national security, equitable commerce, fairness, anti-corruption, the U.S. Constitution, keeping the public from hating Wall Street, pitchforks at the gates, The impression that America gives the World, Obama’s legacy, and a few hundred other things.

So, you have an insane criminal billionaire who is ruining everything for everybody. What to do?

Take him down using the “Peter Thiel School Of Payback”.

You, for example, do these things:

– Buy or search out every hacked document you can find on the web that references Musk, his offshore tax havens, any of his staff or investors names, any of his suppliers and any of his “girls.”
– Run shadow financial reports on all of his companies to demonstrate where his CFO’s are “cooking the books”.
– Create your own FBI-like files on every employee, investor, supplier, contractor and related party, that Musk has anything to do with, and cross matrix that in an Edward Snowden-like XKEYSCORE search engine such as the Planatir version of XKEYSCORE that Thiel has.
– Track all of Musk’s government kick-back programs and kill their contracts or kill the CORRUPT programs that those contracts come from.
– Buy up Musk’s suppliers and mining companies and double the cost of his lithium.
– Track ten years of Musk’s internet search engine manipulations that his friends at Facebook, Twitter and Google implemented and report it, document it and DNS flip him into oblivion.
– Contact all of the wives, lovers, partners, co-founders, suppliers, staff, employees, competitors, investors and customers that have sued Musk for fraud (There are many of them) and organize them into a support team to help deliver the final blows.
– Make sure that all of Musk’s investors, or potential investors are fully aware that Musk is a criminal targeted for termination and eventual arrest. Make certain that every investor knows that investing in a Musk asset is investing in a dead-end. Billions of dollars are being invested to end Musk’s corruption. Millions of people know the true facts about Musk’s crimes and they will never forget. Huge numbers of additional people learn about Musk’ crimes every week. The Streisand-Effect guarantees that those numbers will always increase. Eventually, the whole world will know that Musk is a criminal. Investing in that future is a clear no-win scenario.
– Prepare all of the arrest records and documents, for later law enforcement actions, when real cops finally go after Musk.
– Because Musk traded election cash and search engine rigging from his friends in the 2007-09 election period, wait for the 2016 election cycle to make all of your points about election finance corruption and Elon Musk.
– Never, ever give up. The big fall hardest. You plan must be designed to last the rest of Elon Musk’s life. Go big or go home. Go billionaire big! Go Peter Big!
– Hire ex-FBI and Ex-CIA agents to create the case files on Musk. Have some of them go undercover inside of his operations.
– At least 20 of Musk’s insiders have published leaks and may act as expert witnesses. Solicit them.
– The White House is protecting Musk but the current White House has the lowest voter approval rating in history, so, they no longer have the power to keep the protection running.
– Find everything and expose everything.
– Search every word of the Guccifer, Panama Papers, HSBC, Sony and other leaks for incriminating leads.
– Prepare documents so that any member of the public can perform a citizen’s arrest of Musk.

There are many thousands of other things you can do to take Musk and his dirty little Silicon Valley mobster Cartel down. They will all, eventually work, you just need to be patient.

Deeds done in the dark always, eventually, come to light.

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