Billionaire investor Peter Thiel, who was outed as gay by Gawker in 2007, has been funding Hulk Hogans lawsuit against Gawker

Billionaire investor Peter Thiel, who was outed as gay by Gawker in 2007, has been funding Hulk Hogans lawsuit against Gawker (

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Peter supports Trump and he is from Sillicon Valley, so, anyone that has the balls to support Trump in a liberal hell-hole like Sillicon Valley is OK in my book.

Plus, Hulk Holgan is a good guy.




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LOL, lesson in watching who you piss off. You never know when they will get revenge.



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Thiel is a fucking behemoth. His company, Palantir provides the most sophisticated data analysis software in the world and has access to the worlds most secretive data. It’s widely believed his tech is responsible for finding Bin Laden.

Gawker can be considered lucky he’s only using his vast sums of money economic power to crush them.



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He owns palantir? Damn, that was the company that made most of the prism stuff.



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I hope he sinks gawker permanently



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his lawyer removed a claim from his complaint that had the effect of eliminating Gawker’s insurance company from the case. That struck many legal observers as odd, given that most lawyers seeking large payouts want to include claims that are insured against because doing so increases the chances of a settlement.

They’re out for blood, no two ways about it.



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I even tend to agree with Gawker’s political slant on things, but they are so fucking scummy. i hope they crumble.



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Is there any actual proof there is third-party backing and is there any proof it is this guy? Last I saw it was all a conspiracy theory put forward by Nick Denton.



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Yes there is! New York Times sources Forbes which sources Gawker. The compounding self-aggrandizing cycle is complete and now you can get it injected into Wikipedia as verified and, boom, truth has materialized right in front of us. Disgusting, isn’t it?

Today’s “journalists” just don’t get it. They don’t want to get it, they just want your clicks.



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I wish I could vote this up 1000 more times



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It’s ike how Cheney would leak a story to the press then go on the sunday show and use the leak as evidence for whatever the hell he wanted to do the next week.

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He wants revenge and it’s going to be a sweet one.



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Good for him. Gawker has no ethics.



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Who would have ever guessed fucking over people right and left would one day come back to haunt you??



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Gawker’s learning the Rule of Three the hard way? I am delighted.

They should have thought of it before they ruined other people’s lifes with their muckraking.



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There is nothing about this story I don’t love, and it just keeps getting better.



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t he homosexual agenda strikes again

or, in this case, it strikes itself



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So Peter Thiel is butthurt for some reason?