The New Sony Ghostbusters Movie Has Totally Failed

The New Sony Ghostbusters Movie Has Totally Failed



By Audrey Emory



Los Angeles- Sony’s failed and fired Amy Pascal has delivered a racist, patriarchal driven shade of the original Bill Murray Ghostbusters. Relying on marketing that focuses on images of Kate McKinnon pretending to give oral sexual pleasure to her penis-like gun clearly demonstrates why Amy Pascal’s dirty leaked emails show her to be trying, desperately, to tell her Sony frat boy executives: “look I can be rude a nasty and act like a guy, too”. Her attempt at trying to show that “women can act just like men”, utterly fails.



Sony’s new Ghostbusters wants you to know that black women can only be fat, loud, pushy and obnoxious. Sony’s Ghostbusters wants you to know that Sony has to use all of the old highlight monsters because it isn’t creative enough to come up with any new ones. Even the special effects are all just the same exact particle effects edge glow with the luminance setting turned up 20% higher. There is nothing new here.



Many are calling for a global boycott of Sony’s movie but I say GO SEE IT AND TALK AND HISS all the way through it! Let everybody in the audience know that you think it sucks. MAKE SOME NOISE IN THE MOVIE so that Amy Pascal hears it all the way back to one of her Malibu McMansion’s. Don’t boycott it, Drown it out in the theater!



In the Sony leaked emails, the world got a taste of the misogynistic, racist world of Sony Pictures. Amy Pascal was the leader of the social injustices, it seems. While she wasn’t bribing the White House to get them to order the CIA to give her national secrets for Zero Dark Thirty, she was talking shit behind almost everybody’s back in Hollywood. You can read, the Wikileaks Sony Leaks about how Pascal self-promotes her delight in hanging out with Obama and (illegally?) getting CIA Director Leon Panetta to disclose tactical secrets in exchange for Sony’s campaign financing of Obama’s election and marketing costs.



Just for fun, Sony says that they will get all Social Justice Warrior by making a MAN be the Ghostbusters secretary: A MAN! Ohhhhhhh…So brave. Except there is one problem. The guy that plays the secretary is always known for playing hunks. By making a classic male hunk become a secretary, Ghostbusters is simply using the 1940’s reverse type-casting platitude that is as out-dated as the banana pratfall.



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