Facebook Director’s Want Republicans “Killed”!

Facebook Director’s Want Republicans “Killed”!



By Analise Winter



Facebook is run by it’s “Board Of Directors”. These people are chosen by, and include, the investors who gave Facebook it’s money to operate. Most of them have a mistress on the side, a severe sense of entitlement, fraternity house training, ongoing tax evasion service suppliers, and a severe hatred for Republicans. In fact, one of them was recently caught saying, in a public restaurant on University Avenue in posh Palo Alto, California that “the only reason he doesn’t hire people to kill Republicans is because his Facebook page would get too many hits.”



Now that decade-long forensic studies of Facebook, Google’s and Twitter’s postings, leanings and angles have come out, there can be no doubt that all three simply existed to push their owners ideology and disdain any other ideas.



This triad of political cattle-herders had a very effective mass public idea-manipulation program but that program has now been forced out of the closet. While the evidence, now, clearly proves that Silicon Valley is on a mission to steer public policy and public opinion into it’s bank accounts, the jury is out about what to do about it.



At least one, if not all of Facebook’s bosses want the opposition “killed”. Likely, the GOP is now, also, on a mission to terminate those three tech companies as well.



This is an election year and, if it is true that Facebook, Twitter and Google rigged the election of Obama and the Mid-term elections, as charged by some, then the Republicans will now stop at nothing in order to keep the 2016 elections from getting rigged up too.



Mark Zuckerberg called some light-weight, semi-conservative pundits to his office to deny the facts. Right after this Google was fire-bombed, Forensic reports were released showing Zuckerberg lied and Twitter held emergency meetings about “executive transfers”.



How do you kill Facebook, Google and Twitter?



So far, what-ever the enemies of Silicon Valley are doing is working. Users are leaving all three in droves. Advertisers are realizing that an ad on one of those three will draw negative public sentiment. Ad sales are dropping. All of the products of those three have been exposed as privacy abuse tools. The EU, Russia and China are fining and blockading them. It is now universally “uncool” to work at one of them.



Are the long slow deaths of Facebook, Google and Twitter the result of a revitalized GOP showdown or just the natural reaction of a public disgusted with the abuses that the owners of these companies feel that they can continue to engage in with impunity? Probably a bit of both.



On Facebook’s campus there is a full size prop of the house from the Wizard of Oz crashed into the ground in Oz. Sticking out from under the house are a pair of withered feet. Clearly, someone got killed when the house crashed into Facebook’s. Facebook staff refer to the body under the house as “The Republican”.




If one were to discover a hidden video of a secret meeting showing Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt and Jack Dorsey in black hooded robes in a cave lit with candles sitting around a round black marble table each holding a human skull and chanting about taking over the world..would it really change the path that Facebook’s, Google’s and Twitter’s paths have already set themselves on?



Facebook, Google and Twitter are slowly, ponderously, inevitably dying. The smart people have already left them. The kids won’t join them. Only the old senile grandma’s and the naive sheeple are still on them and they get bored and drop off pretty quickly these days.



Those who hate the data harvesting, privacy abuse and personal information rape, elitism, TED BS- self-glorification narcissism of Silicon Valley and the misogyny and black-lists of the tech crowd will celebrate the demise of these pseudo “services”.



Those who thrive on trolling others, posting endless look-at-me selfies, cyber-bullying and wasting time will cry for years when the Social-Three die.





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