Why it matters if Google, Facebook and Twitter rigged the Internet!

Why it matters if Google, Facebook and Twitter rigged the Internet!

By Prof. Robert Brown

Senator John Thune wonders how dangerous Facebook is and if it matters.

It matters because of The Pet Rock and Kim Kardashian. These are two things that the intelligent person might have chosen to ignore. Tens of millions of stupid people did not ignore these things. The dumb ones rushed to embrace these hollow iconic objects like flies to a honey stick.

Hundreds of millions of dumb people vote in elections.

Fear mongering and primal surge statements about schools, firemen and fixing potholes will get a politician elected every time. The dumb ones are easily swayed. Madison Avenue advertisers have proven this for almost a century.

You are probably not one of the dumb ones if you are reading this article, but you may know some of the “dumb ones” and you may have have a bit of a moral sense of obligation to help protect them from tripping and falling on their own pitchforks.

If you see a disabled person being teased by a gang of bullies, do you try to help, or at least, do you feel a sense of injustice on behalf of the tormented person? If so, then that is why you might care about Google, Facebook and Twitter tricking the dumb people, in ways they can never understand, in order to subliminally program them to do things they do not realize they are being programmed to do.

Huge numbers of people look at the internet on their devices and see a pretty, shiny, object that might distract them from their hum-drum lives. Thinking they only are only “watching tv” they stare intently at their device and shut their minds off. In that highly susceptible state, Google, Facebook and Twitter can very easily brain-wash them into buying certain products, voting certain ways and thinking something is one way when it is not that way at all. Google, Facebook and Twitter build a file on each person, psychologically analyze each person and calculate what will trick that person best.

The old-school typewriter-using political white-hairs do not understand anything about how this technology works. They are getting steam-rollered without comprehending even the most remote hint of the danger.

The main issue here is that allowing mind-control and brainwashing, on a national level, operated by a few men who think that private jets, exotic hookers and twisted boys clubs are the norm might be the fastest way to hell that any country could undertake.

The sex scandals, rapes, misogyny, financial crimes, elitism and narcissistic history of the Silicon Valley billionaires proves that equipping them with an army of hundreds of millions of “dumb ones” who are led around on a digital leash of invisible subliminal messages that never cease, will result in one of the biggest social disasters in human history.

The U.S. Congress must make some firm laws about equal time on the web and they must make some laws that display a notice, at the top of every computer screen, warning you that you are being manipulated. Anything less will be a crime against the public.

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