The Facebook and Google Internet Rigging Scandal: What If Facebook and Google Built Your Roads?

What If Facebook and Google Built Your Roads?



The People That Pave All Of The Roads Don’t Get To Paint Their Friends Logos on All Of The Roads, So Why Should Facebook and Google Get to Manipulate Public Thoroughfares Like that?



What if you found out that the construction company that paves all of the roads in your city was putting their brother’s beer logo on every road and burying sensors under every road in order to spy on you and sell the information about you to strange third-parties?



Would you feel a little raped because you also found out that they get a big part of your tax money in government contracts and subsidies?



This is exactly what Facebook and Google are doing! Facebook and Google have created a monopoly to run the road ways of the internet. They have taken YOUR public digital roads and exploited them against you in order to rig information for the billionaire owners insane ideas and whims at your expense.


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