Elon Musk and Tesla Are Suddenly Confronted With More Scandals and Failures

Elon Musk and Tesla Are Suddenly Confronted With More Scandals and Failures

Elon Musk and Tesla Are Suddenly Confronted With More Scandals and Failures

By Ramsey Shah

Tesla just lost another $400 Million Dollars after constantly failing to find market traction. The new “Pregnant Hippo”-looking Model X is being recalled and keeps displaying multiple defects. Tesla’s top staff are quitting the failing Tesla Motors. Tesla’s Senior manufacturing executives: vice president of production Greg Reichow and vice president of manufacturing Josh Ensign are quitting Tesla. This brings to over 80 the top executives that Tesla has hired, under great hype, only to have them quit once they saw, first hand, Musk’s “mobster-like” activities. Tesla’s covert search engine rigging deal with it’s investor Google has been exposed via the tens of millions of dollars Musk has spent hiring fake internet meat puppets in order to blog a pretend army of Tesla “fans” into synthesized existence. Tesla batteries still blow up. The price of Tesla’s lithium just doubled. The press has fully exposed Musk as a “Government Mooch” who owes the existence of his companies to bribes and campaign financing payola and one of his wives just sued him for divorce, AGAIN!

The facts are clear.

The following facts are now documented in numerous broadcast, and published, news reports; federal reports, university studies and investigation field reports. The FBI, GAO, NHTSA, SEC and Congressional authorities have now received all of the confirming evidence, in writing:

  • Tesla Motors batteries were promoted by those who wished to exploit the Afghanistan War for personal profit by controlling the Afghan lithium mining fields
  • Tesla Motors batteries blow up on their own
  • Tesla Motors batteries blow up when they get wet
  • Tesla Motors batteries fires cannot be put out by any common fire-fighting resources
  • Tesla Motors batteries set themselves on fire
  • Per MSDS documents, Tesla Motors batteries emit cancer-causing vapors when they burn
  • Tesla Motors Vehicles toxicity poison bystanders, nearby vehicular passengers, airline passengers in planes carrying said batteries in their holds, and environments where such incidents occur
  • Fires in Tesla Motors vehicles turn the entire car into a slag pile of melted metal and plastic and turn the bodies, inside the Tesla, into “unrecognizable lumps” vice president of production Greg Reichow and vice president of manufacturing Josh Ensign
  • Tesla Motors batteries blow up when bumped by the same level of car incident that would, otherwise, only dent a normal car bumper
  • In an accident, when a Tesla rolls over, molten metal and plastic can drip on and burn the occupants alive
  • Per MSDS documents, Tesla Motors batteries emit brain damaging chemicals when they burn
  • Per MSDS documents, Tesla Motors batteries emit chemicals, burning, or not, that can damage an unborn fetus
  • Per MSDS documents, Tesla Motors batteries emit chemicals that can cause lung damage
  • Per MSDS documents, Tesla Motors batteries emit chemicals that can cause liver damage
  • Per published lawsuits and news reports, the factories that make Tesla Motors batteries have been charged with the deaths, and potentially fatal illness, of over 1000 workers and the poisoning of nearby towns
  • Panasonic, Tesla’s battery partner, has been charged with corruption, toxic poisoning, dumping and price fixing by, at least, two different nations, including the U.S.
  • Tesla Motors batteries become even more dangerous over time, particularly when tasked by electric transportation systems like Hover-boards and Tesla’s.
  • Tesla Motors batteries were never designed to be used in automobiles. Tesla used non-automotive batteries in one of the most dangerous configurations possible
  • Tesla Motors occupants experience higher EMF radiation exposure than gasoline vehicle occupants
  • Elon Musk’s Space X vehicles and Tesla Motors vehicles have both had a higher-than-average number of explosions. This has caused outside experts to doubt Musk’s ability to place safety considerations over his need for hyped-up PR
  • Leaked Sandia National Labs and FAA research videos dramatically demonstrate the unstoppable, horrific, “re-percussive accelerating domino-effect” explosive fire effect of the Tesla Motors batteries
  • Tesla’s own “Superchargers” and home 3-prong chargers have set Tesla’s, homes and businesses on fire
  • Consumer rights groups contacted Erick Strickland, the head of the NHTSA, and charged him with a cover-up. He quit days later. The NHTSA then issued a safety investigation request to Tesla Motors, which would have more publicly exposed these dangers, but the safety investigation was never under-taken due to White House requests and lobbyist bribes, from Tesla, which got the investigation shut down
  • NEPA regulations for the Tesla NUMMI factory in California and the Nevada Tesla “Gigafactory” have been violated relative to environmental safety standards
  • Tesla Motors vehicles are not “Factory Built” “like Ford” builds cars, as Tesla professes. They are hand built in small volumes and subjected to numerous defects. Blogs have documented hundreds of defects, as listed by Tesla owners. Tesla has lost at least one LEMON CAR LAWSUIT for defective manufacturing
  • Tesla’s “showrooms” are often “pop-up” retail storefronts that are in tight-proximity retail centers, putting it’s neighbors at risk of total loss from fire damage
  • Tesla Motors vehicles have been hacked and taken over. Their doors, steering, listening devices and navigation have been taken over by outside parties. Multiple Tesla have suddenly swerved off the road, over cliffs and into other vehicles, killing bystanders and Tesla drivers
  • Three Tesla top engineers and two competing senior executives, all of whom had whistle-blown on Tesla, who were in perfect health one day, suddenly died mysteriously the next day
  • Multiple employees, founders, investors, marital partners, suppliers and others have sued Tesla Motors, and/or it’s senior executives for fraud
  • The above, and over 30 additional safety issues with Tesla Motors vehicles, have been documented, yet investigations have been covered up, and/or manipulated by public officials with a financial and political investment in Tesla Motors and lithium ion batteries. This level of cover-up is said to be a felony-level crime

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