How The White House Ordered “Hit Jobs” on Families Across America

How The White House Ordered “Hit Jobs” on Families Across America

By Arnold Schwimmer

You remember when the term “Cleantech” popped up, back when Barack Obama was getting elected, right?

You have certainly heard about how all of those companies funded by the Obama Administration suddenly went bankrupt, and failed, right after they got hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer cash. Solyndra, Abound, Fisker, Ener1, Abongoa, Ivanpah, Sun Edison, etc. Every single one of those cash hand-out “winner/failures” was a campaign financier to the Obama Administration. Their funding was a kickback to the handful of men that financed the Obama campaign. The goal of the kick-back scam was for their investors, including Goldman Sachs, to skim cash off the top of the deal in a blatant Ponzi Scheme at taxpayer expense.

Every single independent, non-Obama campaign financing company who applied for the funds from the U.S. Department of Energy had a “hit job” put on it, operated by the Obama Administration.

That’s right. You can check the public records. It is now an inarguable fact: hundreds of qualified domestic companies, and their workers with families, were attacked, lied to, stone-walled, black-listed, harassed and intentionally forced out of business so that they would not compete with the “dirty dozen” campaign financiers. These companies were defrauded by the White House and the U.S. Department of Energy into spending their savings based on false promises and false hopes from federal officials. These officials knew they were lying to the public. The State and Federal officials lied anyway.

Rahm Emanual, Valarie Jarrett, David Axelrod, Denis McDonough, Steven Rattner, Robert Gibbs, Bill Daley and David Plouffe knew they were lying, they knew they were breaking the law and they were employed in the West Wing of the White House while they staged these crimes. They knew that Attorney General Eric Holder would protect them and ensure that no Department of Justice inquiry ever got launched into the matter. They knew that their puppet: Steven Chu, who ran the U.S. Department of Energy, along with his staff at the DOE, would follow their marching orders and hand out money, like water, to Google’s Silicon Valley cartel of campaign investors. They knew that Chu and the Google NVCA Cartel would black-list and attack any American who tried to compete with the campaign investors companies.

The Silicon Valley mob, that got the monopoly money exclusively handed to them, are Elon Musk, Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Steve Jurvetson, John Doerr, Steve Westly, Tom Steyer and the boys club of Palo Alto, California’s frat house.

It was a mobster operation. The only thing missing was the horse head in the bed.

The White House keeps Tesla Motors going because Elon Musk spent so much of his federal cash buying insane self-aggrandizing personal promotion. By creating the world’s largest “troll army” of purchased internet hype, Musk accidentally set up a Streisand Effect which, if activated in reverse, could destroy the White House. All of the rest of the payola recipients have been going out of business. They already grabbed their cash in skims off-the-top when the U.S. Treasury transferred the cash. They don’t give a hoot about actually selling any green technology. They already scavenged their cash, stock warrants, hookers and NetJets back when the money first moved from the feds.

By maliciously and purposefully killing the companies, domestic innovation and potential of the hundreds of very qualified applicants who were fooled by the feds into thinking they had a chance, the government officials gutted the heart of the nation. The Obama “Cleantech” project cost America more jobs than it created by many magnitudes. The blockades, stone-walls, financing constrictions and global financial black-lists that the Department of Energy created, and operated, against the domestic companies who did not know they were supposed to pay bribes, is staggering.

When Eric Schmidt, Elon Musk and John Doerr told the White House: “Don’t fund a single one of our competitors or we will cut off your campaign financing and internet search engine and mood manipulation rigging..” They were dead serious. Ask Gary D. Conley. Ask Rajeev Motwani.

The statements above are made with authority and assurance because I have spoken to, or read confirmed documentation by vast numbers of individuals who witnessed all of the occurrences above.

All of these things happened and hundreds of people have been pleading with the Department of Justice, the GAO, The SEC, The Official of the Special Counsel and other agencies to hold a public hearing and let them relate their facts.

Google had nearly 500 White House meetings to tell the White House what to do and got a trillion dollars of taxpayer cash and put hundreds of its people in the U.S. Government in this Cleantech Scam.  Those Google people fly around in private jets, order hookers like pizza delivery and have a personal launderer come to pick up their clothes each morning.

In Indiana a single mom named Betty does not understand how you can “order hookers like pizza”. She can’t even afford to order actual pizza. Her husband was working at a company called Bright Automotive. Bright Automotive was competing with a company that Google covertly holds huge amounts of stock in and who Google has invested nearly a billion dollars of search engine rigging in: Tesla Motors. The White House was ordered by Google to “Kill Bright; they are getting too close to market..”. David Axelrod called Steven Chu at the U.S. Department of Energy and told Chu to terminate Bright Automotive. The deed was done and Tesla never had to worry about Bright pushing Tesla’s purchased market edge. The stress and the shock of suddenly losing the funding that every American, news story and associate had been told was a sure thing, was shattering to Betty’s ex-husband. He could no longer afford to support the family. He had committed to a home for the family, and baby number two, based on a promising future with Bright Automotive. He went bankrupt and had to shoulder the entire loss. It destroyed their lives.

There are thousands of Betty’s in the ruins of Obama’s Solyndra and Ivanpah kick-back schemes. The wasteland of ruined lives, families and dreams reaches from coast-to-coast. Not a single person from the Obama Administration has reached out to these families or tried to make amends. The “maybe if we don’t acknowledge it, it will go away” concept is as failed as Solyndra’s $535 million dollar loss to taxpayers. The internet is here and history will never forget the travesty and shame of the lies that Obama’s staff used to defraud all of these companies, and the families that they supported.