Apple wants you to know that dead body was “Mexican” so no need to worry. Apple PR needs lessons!

Body Found at Apple’s Cupertino Headquarters

Another of the long list of worker suicides or..A staged hit on a man who “knew too much..?”

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April 27, 2016 | 11:22AM PT

UPDATED: The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a body that was found in a conference room at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., on Wednesday.

A spokesperson with the Santa Clara County Fire Department told Variety that the fire department was dispatched to the scene at 8:30 a.m. in regards to a man with a head wound, but was waved off upon arrival.

According to ABC7’s Matt Keller, the Santa Clara County Sheriff Department’s spokesperson confirmed the man found dead was an Apple employee. No one else was involved. A gun was also reportedly found nearby.

The Santa Clara Sheriff’s Office and Apple have not responded to requests for comment.

According to police scanner audio obtained by TMZ, a call came in to dispatch as a “possible suicide.” According to the audio, a female employee was involved in an argument and sustained a head wound, possibly from a gunshot. Cops describe a body being found in a conference room, and say that person had a gun, at one point in the call.

Here’s the full audio:

At Apple campus Infinite Loop, for a 1056 attempt… female employee bleeding with a head wound to the head… possibly has a gun. Her… looks like security was escorting the employee down and the Westside units are just now arriving… I do have further… they are advising that there’s a body in one of the conference rooms with a gun so we’re not really sure if there’s multiple people involved.

More to come.


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