What Are the Implications Of Google Controlling The U.S. Government?

What Are the Implications Of Google Controlling The U.S. Government?



Opinion by Hiram Walker



– On the illicit insider take-over of the U.S. Administration by sex-crazed, stop-at-nothing Silicon Valley billionaires



Recent research by The Intercept, ( The Android Administration : https://theintercept.com/2016/04/22/googles-remarkably-close-relationship-with-the-obama-white-house-in-two-charts/ ) China, The EU and most any voter that reads the news, shows that Google’s owners have impregnated the U.S. Government with their people at every level and in every choke-point of the federal decision-making process.



Google has most profoundly taken control of the White House with the largest majority of West Wing staff being Google-connected; most of the White House decisions benefiting Google and harming Google’s adversaries; and a shocking number of private White House meetings and revolving door job give-aways. If this was not a classic government take-over Coup that Eric Schmidt and Larry Page had strategically planned out, then it is the biggest coincidence in human history.



This is like a South American-class over-throw of a government except it used internet servers instead of bazooka’s.



Many people hear these charges and cry: “oh, it is just the Republicans picking on the Democrats again”.. and pass it off as another standard example of party politics. Nothing could be further from the truth. Google is not a Democratic thing. Google is a crazy, warped, billionaire thing. Google does what it does for a very specific goal of power and cash that has very little to do with liberals.



Imagine if you discovered that Satanists had covertly taken over the Catholic Church! This is pretty much the same thing.



Google’s bosses have been involved in a huge number of sex scandals, tax evasion schemes, corporate cheating investigations, privacy abuse and have made some of the most outlandish comments you ever heard from a crazy billionaire. How are these nut-jobs qualified to run the federal government? Google has steered a trillion dollars of taxpayer cash from the U.S. Treasury to it’s bank accounts and not to any taxpayers. Is that the way it is supposed to work?






To save America, the FBI, or the FTC, should hunt down all of the hundreds of Google insiders and pluck them out of State and Federal administrations.





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