As the world turns to fuel cell electric power, a new set of investment opportunities expands the upside for energy market potentials

As the world turns to fuel cell electric power, a new set of investment opportunities expands the upside for energy market potentials



San Francisco – Here is an intriguing investment opportunity. The team at was just provided with a $75M product roll-out funding offer and they are the only company who will receive this unique opportunity, per federal mandates. They have been awarded a novel situation in which they will receive most of their funding, with one of the lowest interest rates in the world, without giving up any of the company. They only need to co-participate with this special, congressionally mandated program. The market has been craving the MorePower Omni-drive mobile energy system, which can use a variety of fuels to deliver some of the safest, highest output energy in the world from domestic sources.



Millions of dollars and over a decade of work has been invested in the company. They have won a historical suite of issued patents for a technology path that industry (Toyota, Honda, Ford, Apple, Kia, Hyundai, etc.) has now committed over a trillion dollars of investment in: The fuel cell electric automobile. This group has won Congressional commendation, federal grants and public acclaim. They have won lawsuits against the largest competitors in the world, and terminated some of those competitors and their interdiction tactics. Billions of dollars and multiple decades of work, by every research group in the space, has found no other work-around that beats their technology.



The largest brands in the world have now started launching the fuel cell electric opportunity chain around the globe. The upside potential in new global energy is, according to every analyst, in excess of a trillion dollars.



In the investing world, the phrase: “Go big or go home” rules the roost. In an energy market with a past history of delivering trillions of dollars in profits, the timing is right. The biggest car companies in the world, and many nations, have publicly announced that they are “obsoleting gasoline by 2020”.



The United Nations has set new global rules, which begin in a few months, that acknowledge the dangers of lithium ion batteries, notorious for their explosions, toxic vapors and dangerous mining regions. Lithium ion has lost it’s luster. Oil is on the decline. The military is moving to electronic systems. Ultra-capacitors never made it into production. The market has found that fuel cell electric is the only technology that solves all of the problems for the market. While over $1B/Yr. has been spent by anti-fuel cell trolls and shills seeking to merchant doubts about fuel cells, their ploy has fallen on deaf ears. The market has now invested trillions in the go-to-maket deployment of these devices whose only waste is drinkable water.



This new federal funding will have top transparency and walk-through by the highest level regulatory, law and Congressional bodies. It will be nearly impossible for a proper set of paperwork to not achieve deployment. Now the team at MorePower needs your help to cover the costs of the legal and drafting effort of this paperwork, which requires one time, non-recurring administrative expenses.



How much can you invest to own a piece of a very certain trillion+ dollar market future? Help organize a JOBS ACT collaborative funding project, a group interest crowd-fund, a mini-IPO, a full institutional round or an industry joint venture. Visit MOREPOWER.BIZ to express your interest in one of the funding opportunities.



A note about investing: This news story discusses forward looking statements about an existing business. You should never invest more than you can afford to lose. Investing is a risk-based opportunity. You should be a sophisticated investor who has studied investing concepts and techniques and it is suggested that you work with a lawyer and CPA, experienced in securities law, to assist you with filling out the investment paperwork.