Boaty McBoatFace wins glorious victory as he underscores the fundamentals of modern global democracy


In America, charges and counter-charges revolve around the 2016 American elections for President of the United States. Most of those charges revolve around “Election Rigging.”



A number of reports have charged the Google/Facebook/Twitter liberal billionaire triumvirate with rigging media exposure for their own interests.



Others have charged billionaires with paying off delegates in order to vote with prearranged secret payola decisions in the billionaire’s favor in order to gain further bribes with “revolving door” kick-back jobs and “cleantech” government grants.



Other reports charge that electronic voting machines and vote counters are rigged.



The bottom-line is that voters are plenty angry over being subjected to sham facades that masquerade as “public participation”, when IN FACT, the vote out-comes have already been previously decided in secret meetings in smoke-filled back rooms.



In a public vote to name something as boring as a boat, the voters saw themselves getting screwed by the politicians, again.



After a landslide win in favor of one name, the politicians suddenly uprooted the vote by calling in “naming experts” to “make the final decision” on a boat paid for by hard working taxpayers.



Let us put this in context. If Democrat Bernie Sanders won the U.S. Presidential election on election night in 2016 by a 95% margin and the next morning the Republicans said: “Oh, wait, NO, we say he didn’t win. We are going to have a special team of ‘Presidency’ experts comprised of Mitch McConnell and Sarah Palin decide if he won..”



What would your reaction be?



The Boaty McBoatFace Scandal? Same Thing!




– By Andrew Leeds, For The London Reader Digital
















In our darkest hour, the eyes of the world have turned to experts who may have a hope, in the shattered dawn, of bringing sense to the madness.




Perhaps it is fate that today is the last hope of the public and you will once again be fighting for our freedom, not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution — but from annihilation.


We’re fighting for our boat’s right to live, to exist…and should we win the day, the day will no longer be known as a British holiday, but as the day when the world declared in one voice:




“We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on!


We’re going to survive!” “Today, we celebrate our Independence Day!”
















Those who love freedom are encouraged to help the SAVE BOATY McBOATFACE RESEARCH VESSEL CAMPAIGN by phone, FAX and email:




Natural Environment Research Council
Polaris House, North Star Avenue
Swindon, SN2 1EU
United Kingdom
01793 411500
Fax 01793 411501




Professor Duncan Wingham
Chief executive
01793 411653








Alison Robinson
Director of corporate affairs
& change management
01793 411711




To ask them to save BOATY McBOATFACE and to NOT delete Boaty’s name from the vessel registry.




Let’s Save Boaty!




When the public is asked to help policy makers yet those policy makers refuse any response except the secret answer that only they want…


‘Experts’ could overrule ‘Boaty McBoatface’ name choice for polar ship




The name of a new polar research vessel will be chosen by a panel of experts, even if the public overwhelmingly votes to call it Boaty McBoatface.


Lord West, ex-First Sea Lord, said he was rather proud “silly names” had been suggested but hoped none were chosen.


The Natural Environment Research Council had urged people to name its ship in a competition, which saw Boaty McBoatface easily topping the poll.


The final name will be selected by the NERC, according to competition rules.


Boaty McBoatface is currently leading with more than 27,000 votes, while the second place pick trails with around 3,000.


When internet polls are hijacked


The names Pingu, Usain Boat and It’s Bloody Cold Here have also been put forward.


Lord West told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “It’s a typical thing of the Brits going mad – normally silly season, rather than this time of the year.”


He said the NERC had only expected “marine research fans” to get involved.




“I think I would probably go for an Arctic or Antarctic explorer – that would be appropriate – bearing in mind this is a key bit of research where we are probably leading the world, and we should all be very proud of it.


“I’m rather proud that we have silly names going around, but I hope we don’t select one.”


The state-of-the-art £200m vessel will be launched in 2019 to replace Royal Research Ships (RRS) Ernest Shackleton and James Clark Ross.


Launching the competition to name it last week, the NERC said it was looking for something inspirational – something that will exemplify the ship’s work.


“We are excited to hear what the public have to suggest and we really are open to ideas,” the chief executive said.


On Sunday, the poll website crashed under the weight of people trying to cast their votes.


‘Very British thing’


James Hand, a former BBC Radio Jersey presenter, was behind the suggestion of Boaty McBoatface but says he has since apologised to the NERC.


“I’ve actually been speaking a bit to the people behind the website. I’ve apologised profusely.


“What I keep saying to people is, this is actually nothing to do with me. I made the suggestion but the storm that’s been created, it’s got legs of its own.


“I just feel it’s a very British thing which a lot of people have pointed out.”


Julia Maddock, acting associate director of communications and engagement at the NERC, responded to Mr Hand’s apology on Twitter, saying her organisation was “loving it”.


In another tweet, she wrote: “We wanted people to talk about our ship and get involved. We are delighted!”


Image copyright Twitter Image copyright Twitter


Mr Hand said he was “still thoroughly rooting” for his idea to be chosen but understood the public’s choices were only ever a suggestion.


In second place, with more than 3,000 votes, is RRS Henry Worsley. Worsley died trying to make the first unassisted solo crossing of the Antarctic in January.


Another of the more serious suggestions is RRS David Attenborough.


The 15,000-tonne, 128m-long vessel is being built at Cammell Laird on Merseyside.


[–]fishinallwrong 9 points  


It’ll always be Boaty McBoatface to me.



[–]InstantIdealism[S] 4 points  

Perhaps as a compromise they can add an AKA to whatever “official name they give it”

The RSS Mister Science, AKA Boaty McBoatface


[–]IndianSurveyDrone 7 points  

You can’t really guarantee that an Internet poll will produce a realistic name…the best they could do, I think, is to stipulate that the name with the highest number of votes, that is deemed “reasonable” by the judges, will be accepted.

Otherwise, you might have the embarrassing scenario of the boat being named something like, “Hitler Did Nothing Wrong” or some other crazy name.

That being said, Boaty McBoatface is pretty funny, and I hope that’s the final name, lol.



[–]LordPeePerz 3 points  

It reminds me of the whole NHL vs. John Scott situation that just happened.



[–]Samurai_Shoehorse 1 point  

John Scott got robbed.


[–]NightMgr [score hidden]  

There is a boat naming expert?

There are more than one- a panel of boat naming experts?

I wonder what are the criteria for becoming a boat naming expert.



[–]InstantIdealism[S] [score hidden]  

“Hi mister Science, thanks for joining today. We’ll move onto our first question straight away. Do you think the name ‘Boaty McBoatface’ is an appropriate name for a scientific vessel?”

“Hmmm, that’s a tough one alright. If I had to chose, I would say, ‘no’.”

“When can you start?”


[–]Slimerbacca 3 points  

What? That is the best name for a ship!


[–]FluffyBunnyHugs [score hidden]  

Big mistake. This is how you destroy public support. We were given the opportunity to name this boat and now that we’ve done that you tell us to piss off. We would all have loved to hear about the adventures and share in the discoveries of Boaty McBoatface. We would have even supported cartoons for kids explaining what Boaty and her crew have found. Now all they “Experts” will get is mistrust and disdain for whatever you name it and it’s discoveries. Way to screw the pooch. I hope your boat sinks. Idiots.


[–]Hawkeyes7977 [score hidden]  

If your going to have a naming contest, then have a naming contest.


[–]gnovos [score hidden]  

If they keep the name my kids will learn about these guys’ science. If they don’t, they can go do science alone with nobody caring at all. Pick, guys, do we care about your stupid expedition or no?


[–]InstantIdealism[S] 0 points  

Can someone overrule the overruling?



[–]LordPeePerz 1 point  

Your question has been overruled.



[–]InstantIdealism[S] 2 points  

Overruling is just the worst. I feel so overruled.


[–]gerwer [score hidden]  

“This is an unacceptable injustice.”

–Reddy McRedditor



[–]InstantIdealism[S] [score hidden]  

“I demand the floor!”

–Professor McRedditor.






CALL OR WRITE THE BRITISH Natural Environment Research Council TODAY!






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