Never, EVER, post anything about yourself on social media or you will regret it forever!

Never, EVER, post anything about yourself on social media or you will regret it forever!




– Dana Knight




Every photo, text, thought, link, like, tweet and artifact, of any kind, that you post on the internet, or on any social network, will forever harm you in the following ways:




  • It exposes your children to pedophiles

  • It exposes you to blackmail, abuse, and cyber-bullying

  • It helps spies and advertisers add data to the psychological profile folder that hundreds of them keep on you

  • It tells others when you had sex, with who and when you might be pregnant

  • You can never take back anything you posted. In a 24 hour period, something you thought was nothing can be turned into evidence that will destroy your life in ways you never imagined were possible

  • Your boss will fire you and future employers will never hire you because of evidence they gather about you online

  • You will never remember all of the places you posted things that, years later, you wish you could delete

  • All of the dating profiles you ever make will be stored forever and analyzed by intelligence agencies, your competitors and marketing companies

  • It has been proven that there is no possible way to stop hackers from getting into the deepest parts of every server on the web. All of the information you put in your “personal settings” can be hacked into

  • Political parties and government agencies acquire all of your social media and rate you as a “liberal”, “conservative”, “problem person”, “tax evader” or other label

  • It opens you up to stalkers

  • It eliminates the possibility that you can ever keep anything secret again

  • It points credit card thieves directly to your data-gathering

  • It reduces your dating life by creating distorted, narrowed impressions of yourself

  • It may bring out latent narcissism in you and cause others to avoid you

  • It makes all of the people who document other people document you more because you are now so visible, except they won’t use the documentation to help yourself

  • Years later, you will always discover that your “I have nothing to hide”, “Why should I care?” attitude has come back around to ruin your life because you were so naive

  • You are letting yourself be used by companies like Facebook and Google so that they can milk you for their profits while sharing none of the money, that they make off of your information, with you

  • There is no long term benefit to you and 80% of the people using social media eventually quit because of the harmful and negative aspects of it

  • Most of the “people” you think you are interacting with on the web are fake automated robot text and image generators designed to make you think you are dealing with real people in order to hype the dating site or social network site.

  • You will learn that “trolls”, “meat puppets”, “click-farms”, “Russian faker agencies”, and a host of other weird services exist to scam you

  • You will set yourself up for a DDOS attack if you say anything that someone does not agree with

  • While you think you are harmlessly cruising through some social network, a hacker in China is coming right back onto your computer, phone or tablet, over that same connection, while you are on it, and stealing your files and putting viruses and bots on your device

  • Hackers can read all of your sexy texts and dating letters as you type them

  • You don’t know enough about “The Streisand Effect” and how it works

  • Political parties will do anything to get your private information and try to trick you into voting one way, or the other

  • The people that like you the least, and most want to harm you, or bully you will find it