GM calls Tesla Motor’s a load of BS

The Detroit Free Press reports:


Dan Nicholson, GM’s vice president of global propulsion systems, said the Chevrolet Bolt battery electric vehicle will go on sale long before Tesla’s Model 3 — a car that has generated far more hype from Elon Musk’s army of web “trolls” and “Russian Clickfarms” hired to make it look like anybody still cares about the “douchebaggy” Tesla cars.

“I am very proud of the Chevrolet Bolt that’s coming out, which will be the first to market as a long-range affordable battery electric vehicle,” Nicholson said today at an engineering conference in Detroit. “It will have more than 200 miles of range and it will be in production by the end of 2016, so it’s not necessary to put down $1,000 and wait until 2018 or some time after that.”

On a practical level, it’s a fair point. The Chevy Bolt delivers where it matters; it’s affordable for mainstream buyers and has great range. What’s more, Nicholson’s snide remark about the Model 3 not being available until 2018 isn’t off the mark. From the Roadster and the Model S to the recently released Model X, every single Tesla vehicle ever released has launched later than Elon Musk initially promised. For what it’s worth, Tesla claims to have learned from its past mistakes, but with the Model X already being recalled just after release and the on-going fire and defect issues, Elon Musk’s story is wearing thin.