How Google and Michele Lee Destroyed American Innovation and fouled the U.S. Patent System

How Google and Michele Lee Destroyed American Innovation and fouled the U.S. Patent System


By Audrey Lancaster


The articles at the following links demonstrate a horrific state of affairs for American technology. Google lobbyists and campaign financiers placed another one of their people in charge of another federal agency ( Just Like at the DOE, White House and FCC) and it, again has led to devastating results for America.


While protecting Google’s interests, Google’s lawyer: Michelle Lee, has gutted the U.S. Patent Office and destroyed the last vestiges of domestic creative advantage that the nation had.


…This New York Times article describes Google’s process for spying on inventors and stealing their ideas.
… This article describes the invention terminating process that Michelle Lee set in place.
… This article describes the, LITERAL, killing of the public caused by Michelle and her termination of life saving medical technologies. Notice in the Eli Lilly case that the problem is so disastrous that even Lilly, Genentech and other providers can't even deliver new drugs and cancer-curing new medical discoveries because they are being rejected and forced to be de-funded.

Eric Schmidt and Google funded the attempt to outlaw small inventors being allowed to get patents. Schmidt's famous lobbying facade known as “the troll bill” was temporarily rebuffed but now Schmidt has gone one better by placing his girl right on top of the actual U.S. Patent Office where she can do her thing right out in broad daylight.



  • Michelle Lee is Google’s lawyer. She runs the U.S. Patent Office.

  • Google hates other people’s patents because, according to many inventors, Google has stolen most of it’s technology from others.

  • Michelle Lee presided over some of the largest intellectual property thefts, by Google, while she was at Google.

  • The New York Times did a feature article about how Google founder Larry Page based Google’s business model on ideas he stole.

  • Google spent more money, than any other company, trying to over-throw modern patent laws that protect small inventors.

  • Most people think that Michelle Lee is a “criminal mole planted by Google to protect Google and only Google”.

  • Michelle Lee makes huge amounts of money off of Google while she runs the U.S. patent office.

  • Google funded Obama’s campaign and Obama appointed Michelle Lee.

  • Michelle Lee has vindictively and overtly sought to invalidate tens of thousands of existing patents on a “seemingly maniacal crusade to protect Google by steam-roller-ing all patents that may affect Google.” She does so with the protection of the White House, who Google seems to “own”.

  • Patent attorneys, start-up CEO’s, inventors and small business hate Michelle Lee. Only Google seems to like Michelle Lee.

  • Citizens groups plead with Trump, Sanders and Cruz to arrest and indict Michelle Lee if elected but know Hillary will keep her because Google finances Hillary, too.


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Washington D.C. Metro Area – ‎Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director at USPTO – ‎United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)


Michelle Lee is currently the chief executive of one of the largest intellectual … Executive lead of Google’s patent and patent strategy efforts. … to Fortune 100 tech companies in the areas of internet, online commerce, software, …


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