The Witness

In a paragraph; here is what happened to The Witness:

He and his team were asked to help with THE INVESTIGATIONS AT THIS LINK (click here to view evidence). They witnessed crimes and illicit activities that the U.S. Congress, federal law enforcement and major news organizations have been analysing in investigations such as THE ONES SHOWN AT THIS LINK (click here to view evidence). One of the main suspects in the case is a company called GOOGLE (click here to view evidence). Another key suspect in the case is Google’s partner: ELON MUSK (click here to view evidence). Google owners, Musk and political figures (SEE THIS LINK) that they paid, then engaged in attacks against him and his team, like THE TACTICS SHOWN AT THIS LINK (click here to view evidence). The crimes that are being investigated resulted in the loss, to taxpayers, of nearly a trillion dollars, the loss of lives and careers and exposed the systematization of political corruption in the U.S.A.

The following CBS News 60 Minutes episode explains how so much money and so many lives, careers and companies were lost in a financial racketeering operation that continues to expand to this day:

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For more broadcast news coverage of this incident (CLICK HERE)

Note: The evidence links above represent only a small sample of the available evidence provided by state and federal law enforcement on over 3 continents, journalists, Congressional staff and the public.