Nick Denton and Me: The Story Of A Gawker Hit-Job

Nick Denton and Me: The Story Of A Gawker Hit-Job



As told to Donna Emmers (From an Interview )



I, and my associates, provided expert witness testimony to federal investigators, The U.S. Congress and the federal courts in a racketeering and corruption investigation of some of our most esteemed politicians and their crooked campaign financiers.



For my trouble, Nick Denton seems to have been hired to try to “kill me”.



Killing” someone in Nick Denton’s Gawker Media world, as we learned in the Hulk Hogan trial, involves sabotaging their brand name, career, income and social life by having Gawker Media produce hatchet job videos and articles. Gawker made animated attack movies and authored malicious defamation articles in order to try to stop me from being a witness in front of a federal Special Prosecutor that Congress was trying to install in an attempt to reform corruption in Washington DC.



Who is Denton? Nick Denton is the guy described in the article’s at:






among thousands of others…



I, personally, reported the crimes to Eric Holder, the head of the Department of Justice, at the time, and Robert Gibbs, the White House Press Secretary at the time, and his staff, NHTSA Boss David Strickland and other leaders What did they do? They suddenly, out of the blue, quit their jobs. Investigators think that Mr. Gibbs was the one who, along with Eric Schmidt at Gawker’s partner: Google, set the hit job in motion. More on that later.



Historically, now, the sequence of facts are devastating for Gawker Media. The facts are now supported by investigations by FBI, Congressional, GAO, FTC, ACLU, news media and hundreds of other agencies.



The facts prove that Gawker ran a hit job program. Here are some of those facts:


  • I am the only person in history to have both reported a federal crime and gotten a series of hit jobs from Gawker Media.

  • ONLY Gawker Media, out of tens of millions of publications, produced hit jobs on me and my peers.

  • Nick Denton and Gawker Media have received tens of millions of dollars of payments from the very parties under investigation for the crimes

  • ONLY Gawker Media has the proven financial and lobbying connections to the subjects of the investigations

  • Why on Earth would Gawker Media suddenly do stories and videos about someone nobody has ever heard of at exactly the same point as when they are supposed to testify? The timing is epically beyond coincidental.

  • Since the day Gawker existed, until today, almost every single other hit job Gawker has done has been on an enemy of Gawker’s handlers

  • Investigator surveillance records of staff texts, emails and phone calls prove the connections

  • Gawker and Google’s ex-staff now work for the very people that staged the attacks and were the subjects of the law enforcement investigations



In lawsuits with Gawker, Nick Denton likes to pull this trick where is says “..we were just writing opinions, not facts”. Tough luck Nick. The above bullet-points are “FACTS” and they will hold up in front of a Grand Jury, a Special Prosecutor or a fully resourced federal jury trial. On top of that, you have now been caught saying that opinions were “facts”. I have not had the funds to take you to task, yet, Mr. Denton but I gave Hulk Hogan and the FBI everything I had.



Nick? How is that working out for you?



The two “Big G’s”: Google and Gawker, are the same thing in this matter. They partner with each other on hit jobs. Our forensic investigators, the federal investigators, Russia, China, The EU and pretty much anybody with a brain has caught Google rigging the internet. You can see a non-technical description of how Google and Gawker do it on House of Cards, the TV show. Samples of those descriptions can be found in “fair use” clips such as those at these links:



Gawker sets up and publishes the hit job videos and Google locks them on the front page of the search results on the top lines, immovably, forever. Google puts hidden codes into the links saying that the links are “FACTS”, which pretty much screws Google in court. We proved that Google’s owners and executives were lying through their teeth to the EU and Congress when they claimed that Google’s search results and positioning was “arbitrary”. Google searches are staged and consciously manipulated to hype Google’s investments and attack Google’s enemies. We worked with investigators to set up a global sting to prove it with forensic computers set up all over the Earth to record Google’s and Gawker’s manipulations. Many other investigators have had similar results in their investigations including this study:



Denton uses angst-ridden bloggers: Adrian Covert, who openly advertises himself as a “character assassin” in social media, John Hermann and other the kinds of kids-on-the-edge that Denton dredges up on his cruises through New York, as described in this article:



Gawker gets hired to do hit jobs on innocent members of the public, the media or public policy staff when the hidden handlers of Gawker get a bug up their back-sides. Ask CBS news reporter Sharyl Attkisson. Google helps Gawker do these hit jobs. Both have the same political agenda’s, stock interests, friends, social connections, IT links and beneficiary pools. Both are dedicated to manipulating election outcomes. Both have been publicly charged in courts with illicit actions ranging from tax evasion, to campaign finance to defamation to privacy abuse.



Denton has now started to see his karma come back around with the Hulk Hogan trial, but there are a number of other lawsuits lined up right behind Hogan, and that is only the beginning.



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