California CPUC officials using taxpayer funds to prop up dying green energy company in order to protect campaign billionaires

California CPUC officials using taxpayer funds to prop up dying green energy company in order to protect campaign billionaires



By Roger Lester- Submitted to the LA Times



The State of California continues to plow huge amounts of cash and waivers (Tax waivers are losses to taxpayers) into the failed solar scandal known as Ivanpah in order to protect Silicon Valley campaign financiers Schmidt, Page, Kreman, Doerr, Lane, Jurvetson and other AngelGate devotees and Tesla Flacks.



With the “anal sex slave scandal” created by Google’s top investor Michael Goguen bringing the dark and dirty lives of the Silicon Valley campaign financiers to light, one would think that letting a dead fish continue to stink would not have been in the CPUC’s best interest.



Ivanpah never worked. Plowing over $3B taxpayer dollars into a thing that only cost a few hundred million to have a few laborers with a fancy pole-pounder install is just plain evil.



The rest of the money was obviously skimmed off for the corrupt campaign finance billionaires and to create PAC’s for political campaigns. That is a crime and it is corruption in the most obvious way.



I, and my assistants, reached out by phone and email to;;;;;;;; and over the past month. They all refused to respond.



The public utilities people were recently caught in a bribery sting in the PG&E Brisbane fire emails and they have been outed in other corruption stings. The feds have now stepped in. CPUC folks may love the big cash from bribes, favors and real estate discounts but the big question is: Will they love the view from San Quentin?



Ivanpah is a deal with campaign financier Google. Google staff run parts of Sacramento and The White House. There are tens of thousands of news articles about how Google has run payola schemes through those positions.



Ivanpah never could have worked, technically. It kills birds and desert animals. It blinds anything in the air and space. They had to sneak old fashioned generators into it to try to pretend that it can even make any energy. PG&E says it produces the most expensive electricity on Earth and does not even want its energy. It had numerous labor issues. It is broken on every level.



The CPUC has agreed to extend the operation of Ivanpah, at taxpayer expense, in order to protect the White House from “embarrassment”, a fact disclosed in a recently leaked report.



The CPUC should be ordering an FBI raid on Ivanpah, just like the FBI raid on Solyndra. Ivanpah and Solyndra are from the same family of scams.



The CPUC has no right extending the zombie-like days of Ivanpah as a political PR trick. It is a crime and CPUC officials need to lose their jobs, pensions and graft assets as a lesson to all.




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Here is corruption of the first order. … Ivanpah, a solar plant in California, received a $1.6 billion loan guarantee backed by the taxpayers.