A public letter to the heads of Google – The Scandal Breaks Wide Open

A public letter to the heads of Google –



Dear Larry Page and Eric Schmidt:



Hello guys. This is both a personal letter between you and us, as well as a public letter between you and the taxpayers.



As the heads of Google, we need to let you know that we are going to take Google, YouTube and the rest of your empire, away from you.



Not only did you steal many of your assets from us, but you then used the technology that you “swiped” to abuse the trust, privacy rights, freedom of information and purchasing options of billions of innocent people around the globe.



That is just wrong, unethical, and quite actually, extremely illegal.



We have worked with FBI, EU, SEC, Senate, private investigators, news media and other investigators to catch you doing these bad things and bring the law to your monopolistic Google-plex.



We personally witnessed you engaging in these unethical and law-breaking activities.



As revealed in episodes 6 and 7 of the 2016 season of the TV show House of Cards, you rig political and stock market results, including election perceptions, in order to profiteer from, and force your billionaire ideologies on the taxpaying public. A large number of research groups, including ours, placed server-side technologies around the globe to capture and document hard evidence of your rigging of the internet for nefarious purposes. You manipulate thousands of technical information and experience processes on the internet in order to act as a “fluffer” for your friends, while concurrently hiding and defaming your enemies.



Social psychologists say you are “…affluenza afflicted narcissists” and that your modus operandi is exemplified by the phrase: “When a narcissist can no longer control you, they try to control how others see you”. The control of perceptions seems to be what you have devoted your lives to. The problem is, your extensively documented sexual perversions, “open marriages”, private jets and mountain top parties make you the least qualified people in the world to determine what the general public should think.



We and others now have that documented proof. All Special Prosecutors, Grand Juries, regulators, class-action and civil lawsuits are welcome to that data.



It appears that you bribed Senators Reid, Feinstein and numerous White House senior staff in order to get hundreds of billions of dollars of political, contractual and monopolistic exclusive kick-backs. Out of all of the people on Earth, in all of history, only you and they ended up as both the instigators and recipients of one of the largest kick-backs of public resources in history. It is now rather obvious that you engaged in epic corruption and crony payola deals.



We and many others saw you bribe Congressional and White House political figures in order to get billions of taxpayer dollars relayed to you in kick-back schemes. You have hidden nearly a trillion dollars of the publics cash via tax evasion in overseas bank accounts, which resulted in the U.S. not having enough money to fix roads, avoid layoffs of teachers, firemen and factory workers, and other public needs.



We have absolute proof that you took our technology, which you asked to look at, and which we were selling years before you, and you made billions of dollars on that technology.



1.) The New York Times article entitled:How Larry Page’s Obsessions Became Google’s Business”; 2.) the search results on any major non-Google search engine under the phrase “Google steals ideas”, 3.) the numerous other lawsuits against you for idea theft, and 4.) our own eye-witness experience and testimony clearly prove that your business model consists of a systematized devotion to a Google business plan designed to “cheat rather than compete”.



You are a pack of bullies who continue to steal because you believe that you bought the White House, the regulators and the Senators, and that you are immune to all law enforcement. You are wrong about that self-deluded concept.



You have a manic interest in childish cowboy-and-Indian spy games. Your management, funding and control activities with your rogue spy operations (ie: Jigsaw, In-Q-Tel, New America Foundation, “Arab Spring”, Afghanistan lithium mining and other Austin Powers-esque policy toys), seem to highlight your dire thirst for power and your ego-maniacal desire for control of taxpayer realms. Did you get thrown out of the sand-box a lot as children? Why do you feel so inclined to try to control the public policy decisions that are the rights of individuals, around the world? Policy decisions affecting a family’s ability to eat or not eat each week, are not the playthings of your billionaire boys club.



In a way, we feel sorry for you. You were raised by elitist families who put you in elitist frat houses where you were programmed to believe that misogyny, rape, and your exclusive right to power was incumbent to your “breeding”. You were programmed to think that you were better than everyone else (ie: Tom Perkins “Nazi” comments about poor people and the Ellen Pao, Forrest Hayes, Ravi Kumar, Michael Goguen, Joe Lonsdale, etc. sex abuse cases) and you built a self-reinforcing social walled garden in Silicon Valley, to keep outsiders from popping your fantasy bubble. You held innumerable “Ted Talks” and “Singularity Conferences” to tell each other how grand and wonderful you each were, and to hear yourselves talk about condensed-cream-of-philosophy pablum. You drank your own Kool Aid.



Just because you bought a political administration in order to avoid being told “no” to anything you wanted to do, does not mean that you own the public that the administration is supposed to serve. Your reckoning is coming.



See you in court.






Your buddies






CC: FBI, SEC, EU, FTC, OSC, U.S. SENATE, AG, GAO, DOJ, Judicial Watch, Every Citizen, et al.