Huge Numbers of Famous Silicon Valley Billionaires Now Charged With Rapes, Sexual Abuse and Secret Pervert Clubs

Special For ProPublica
Submitted by The Stanford Journalism Group
With research by Audrey W., Tom K., Leung V. and Martin F.

They operate exactly like the Sicilian Mafia. They have carved out turf territories. They take out competitors using illegal “hit jobs”. They bribe regulators, politicians and cops to look the other way. They hold secret back-room tribunals in restaurants, in order to arrange collusions, price-fixing, market rigging and blacklisting. They are the Silicon Valley venture capitalists, known in the local lingo as “VC’s”.

For quite a long time, top politicians have ordered their law enforcement agencies to “stand down” on investigations of people like Eric Schmidt, John Doerr, Steve Jurvetson and the tech posse known as “The Cartel”. That era of avoidance ended when John Doerr’s partner, Ray Lane, came under investigation for epic tax evasion and wise-guy money manipulation machinations. Tips from his case led to a network of others and case numbers, and investigators, were assigned.

VC Ray Lane’s audaciousness was not the only shiny object in the dark pit of Sandhill Road, the street where all of the VC’s huddled together like sheep. John Doerr’s co-founder: Tom Perkins, raised the glare of public scrutiny up to “11” when he loudly, and publicly, proclaimed that any poor people who didn’t respect him, and the rest of his VC buddies, must be  “Nazi’s”. Yeah, he said that in the media! That didn’t go over well with the public…. READ MORE AT: