Why Virtual Reality Still Doesn’t Work, even after Facebook plowed billions into it.

Why Virtual Reality Still Doesn’t Work, even after Facebook plowed billions into it.




















By Cinthia Reston- University of Washington



Some guy at Oculus VR discovered that a guy named Eric Howlett had invented some plastic lenses called LEEP lenses long before the Oculus guy was born. So the Oculus guy figures: “Oh, Well, old Howlett is dead, I might as well just use his lenses”. Oculus invented nothing. They copied old things and convinced the dumb technology venture capitalists that it was something new.



The amazing thing about the lenses is that they cover your whole eyeball and make it look more like a wrap around screen. The LEEP optics were custom created for NASA and CIA mission simulators.



The 2016 versions of VR are still using Howlett’s lenses from decades ago; except they don’t need to pay him because he is dead.



The reality of Virtual Reality is that no normal computer can power it. You need to spend at least $5000.00 to $10,000.00 in computer hardware to even get a dim hope of having enough power to have a convincing experience.



The other reality of Virtual Reality is that it can cause brain damage, optic damage and nausea.



VR is really fun for the first 5 minutes at a CES demo, after that, you begin to wonder what the point is because, when you take off the cumbersome sweaty goggles, you can see real reality, in higher resolution, with actual 3D sound, FOR FREE.



Petting virtual cats and swimming with virtual whales is fun for four of those 5 minutes, after that: Boring!



The decades old Howlett LEEP lenses are cool but nothing has really caught up to the potential.



Mark Zuckerberg got sold on scanning peoples brainwaves, eye movements and intentions while narcotized and hypnotized in a VR headset experience. As much as Facebook loves raping your dating history on a Facebook page, they can go wild on your breathing rate, gaze patterns, voice inflection commands and other body data when you look at 3D videos of Hillary, Huma, Donald or Bernie.



You are so susceptible to suggestions, in your little VR cocoon, that you can be manipulated into doing all kinds of things… or voting for all kinds of people.



The super-rich yuppie tech elite brogrammers of Silicon Valley have hacked together their own state-of-the-art systems with their six figure salaries and their carte blanche credit cards at Fry’s Electronics. Now they have discovered the reality. VR does not work as anything more than a few minutes of time-killing distraction. The heat, sweat, nausea, cord restrictions, goggle weight, slow image response, outside distractions, and other downsides are not worth the expense. You know what “hat-head” is, right? That mashed-down hair effect?



With VR goggle’s you get both hat head and googly goggle eyes. After a long bout with VR you have weird mashed down hair, all the way around, just above your ears; plus an intense figure 8-shaped red lined crease all the way around your eyes like a space raccoon. That is where the VR goggles dig into your face. If you are at work and you try a little VR at lunch-time, everybody in the office knows what you did because of the strange markings on your face and your blood-shot eyes.



Life also virtually kills reality. Gamers still need to pee and eat. As soon as nature calls them to fill their stomachs with Spaghettios or empty their bladders, the experience dies as you rip the goggles off. Returning to the goggles, from the real world, then seems like a dark and gloomy option.