Silicon Valley Social Media Leaders Charged With Felony-Class Campaign Finance Fraud!

Silicon Valley Social Media Leaders Charged With Felony-Class Campaign Finance Fraud!

It turns out that there are laws that limit the amount of money and services you can spend on trying to rig elections. That’s right, some aspects of the law still exist for the protection of the average Joe.

Google, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, PayPal and Ebay have been caught spending “BILLIONS” of dollars in services to rig the Barbara Striesand Effect, (a technical internet process which distorts the significance of anything placed on the internet) in order to steer political campaigns to their owners special interests.



The TV series, HOUSE OF CARDS, has exposed their tactics in it’s most recent season. The EU has crunched down on similar anti-trust actions of the Silicon Valley Cartel and the U.S. Congress has finally started to figure out how the internet works. On top of this, epic off-shore tax evasion tricks, by these companies, has cost U.S. taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars in losses to the U.S. Treasury. This has meant less firemen, schoolbooks, road repairs and hospitals for the voting public.



The bad karma is now coming back on the Silicon Valley billionaires and big shots like John Doerr, Mark Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt, Steve Jurvetson, and the rest, are feeling like “ …one legged men at an ass-kicking contest” according to one Senator.

By manipulating search results and experiences for users, a service which these companies sell to other clients, they have broken the law and some-what “raped society” of fair voting rights.