HOUSE OF CARDS TV Show busts Google as insidious operator

In TV Show “House of Cards”, fictional “PollyHop” does what Google actually did do to rig election results and steer government funds

By Carl Vinsoni and Deborah Alize




Kevin Spacey, the star of Netflix epic TV success: House of Cards, is quoted as saying that “everything on the show has actually happened in Washington politics”



In the 2016 series we see allusions to the rigging of Middle East bad guy groups and Silicon Valley tech companies as political weapons to manipulate voters. The very disturbing reference to a fictional search engine company named “Pollyhop” should bring a shiver to most viewers. Pollyhop is a thinly veiled expose’ about the real-life political manipulations Google has been engaging in. As much as Google and the White House Press Secretary want to hush up this scandal, 45 million people have now binge-watched all of the 2016 season of House Of Cards and now know some very big, very dirty secrets. There is no possible way to delete all of that show from Netflix or erase the memories of most of the TV audience on Earth. The secret is out of the toothpaste tube and it is never, ever, going back in.