By Tyler

Eric Holder, Steve Spinner, Steven Chu, Rahm Emanual, Robert Gibbs, Lachlan Seward, Kathy Zoi, Matt Rogers, Steve Rattner, Raj Gupta …and a host of other “Cleantech insiders”, learned it the hard way…

Any person in the world can now file RICO racketeering lawsuits and take down an entire group of political racketeers or, even, an entire agency.

Any person in the world can now track an HSBC, UBS, Sachs or other hidden bank account that is used for corruption. From the Cayman Islands, to a Ukrainian post office box, to a Reno shell corporation service, to a Swiss family trust account, to the covert email server in the bathroom closet: There is no payola that can’t now be found.

State and federal pensions can now be terminated, by public lawsuits, when corrupt agency administrators are found out.

Each and every personal email, text, voice-mail box and tweet can now be legally recovered and the corrupt office aide can be heard manipulating taxpayer funds in their very own words. Seeking to hide corrupt activities on your personal communications is no longer an option for evasion.

Hiding payola cash in shell corporations, fancy real estate purchases, family trusts, relatives bank accounts, jewelry and other layered values can now be uncovered in a heart beat.

The voting public has now been deeply educated about what a “revolving door” job bribe is. This bribe involves promising a lucrative job to a government staffer if they deliver a kick-back while they work for the government. Not only is law enforcement doubling down on this crime but the voters are outing these scams with social media onslaughts that make it impossible for the  the crooked staffer to operate in their payola role. Anthony Weiner was fired from his new job because of public backlash. The head of the California Obamacare program: James Brown Jr, was hauled away in hand-cuffs. Rahm Emanual’s finance head met the same fate.  Backlash is a hundred times more powerful in the new connected world.

The tactic of paying off public officials with stock, warrants, Google-ized Flash Boy and stock market pump-and-dumps has been outed in the media, reported to the EU, SEC, FBI and FTC and is now monitored by an increasing number of public interest law firms. The stock-for-kickbacks trick is no longer an option either.

Virtually every form of payola, and kick-back corruption has now been identified, tracked and interdicted. On top of that, every government employee in the U.S. is now under ongoing surveillance by Chinese and Russian hackers, FBI, DIA, SEC, NSA and other 3 letters. It is almost impossible for the corrupt politician to evade the law.

Just don’t do the crime unless you want to do the time.