Dear Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, et al:

Dear Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, et al:

You are in the final round to become the leader of the free world. As such, all of us voters hope that your role in the Oval Office will include increasing the actual freedom of Domestic business opportunities and the reduction of the ‘hit jobs’ on American citizens that compete with Obama’s business holdings, unlike the Obama Administration did.

America has energy options ranging from oil, to solar, to wind, battery, to nuclear, to fuel cell to geothermal, etc. Mr. Obama was financed by the Silicon Valley owners of the lithium ion battery industry. The Silicon Valley Cartel mines Afghanistan, disrupts Boliva and, generally stirs up trouble in other countries in order to seek to monopolize the exploitation channels they market with Solyndra, Tesla, Abound, Fisker, Ener1 and their other companies.

Steven Chu, and his staff, were the business associates and co-shareholders, with these Silicon Valley campaign financiers, of the lithium ion battery industry. As the head of the U.S. Department of Energy, Chu de-funded and blockaded hydrogen fuel cell cars because they make his, and the Cartel’s, lithium ion batteries obsolete. His office organized black-lists, Google (A campaign financier and business partner)-based defamation attacks, and other dirty tricks against his competitors. He did this using taxpayer dollars. He was trying to run a kick-back payola scam of over a trillion taxpayer dollars, back to his personal friends in Silicon Valley. Their Solyndra Company scam cost Americans over $500 million dollars in losses that could have paid for books in every school in every city in America.

Chu, along with his partners at Google and Kleiner Perkins, put “hit-jobs” on every company that applied for the same state or federal funds that Chu’s Cartel had already covertly hard-wired into their bank accounts. They chose to “cheat rather than compete”. The largest auto companies in the world, along with billions of consumers, have decided that they want the future of cars to be fuel cell hydrogen-electric. The lithium ion stock holders who work in, and control the Department of Energy don’t want the competition because they can’t stand the heat.

Speaking of heat! Did you know that lithium ion batteries catch fire and explode all the time? Have you seen the FAA danger alert videos showing what happens to lithium ion batteries when you put them next to each other? What a horrendously dangerous product. These batteries have crashed airplanes, killed people, set children on fire, burned down homes and offices and caused Middle East wars. They set Fedex and UPS trucks on fire when they arbitrarily go off in transit. They killed and burned a Tesla car driver into an “unrecognizable” lump of melted slag. From a recent report:

@ Using lithium ion batteries in cars, hover-boards and other “high tasking” systems FORCES them to blow up more

@ Lithium ion battery chemicals degrade into more self-igniting states over time

@ Use in a system with electric motors dramatically increases likelihood of explosions, self-ignition and release of cancer-causing, brain damaging fumes that can deform and harm un-born infants worse than even the Zika virus

@ Exposure to electric fields, high altitude radiation and water in air causes very much increased danger parameters in lithium ion batteries

@ The FAA considers these batteries to be top level dangers

@ Cover-up of safety issues charged because many Senators and Energy Department executives own stocks in Lithium Ion batteries

@ Public welfare at risk due to political greed, per

@ Combining the type of chemicals that lithium ion batteries hold is like “making a blasting cap” warn researchers

Clearly, the U.S. Department of Energy got in over its head on this scam. It is no longer a secret that campaign financier Google/Kleiner Perkins holds the strings of most of Obama’s White House staff and they are also the biggest beneficiaries of the Department of Energy “Cleantech” taxpayer cash. The article regarding the fact that “You can’t swing a cat in the White House without hitting a Google employee”, is as wry as it is disturbing. Payola and crony corruption like this must no longer be ok in your administrations. Every major West Winger seems to have just came from, is going back to, or has a promised “revolving door” payola job offer at: Google! Thousands of news stories show hard facts in their articles about Google and Kleiner Perkins “controlling the White House”. That is not comforting to Americans.

Please Donald, Hillary or Bernie, give America back all of it’s energy options!

Please help each energy technology equally in inverse relation to the amount of lobbying cash they expend.

Please give America’s innovation a chance again.

Signed – The voters of America