How Gary Kreman and IDEO’s Steve Klopf Created The Nastiest Thing On The Internet: The Story of


BY Andy Deitz and Audrey Scherzinger
Arrington Insider

Gary Kreman took Steve Klopf out of at 444 Market Street in San Francisco and moved him down Third Street into a funky little office. This yielded hot girls, hot boys and more sex in more ways than anyone could imagine. As co-founder of, Klopf was looking at big bucks and big boners…err…bonuses. Kreman had the cash from Google and John Doerr’s Kleiner Perkins Company (Google’s bag man) as he evolved his career from hot sex to hot solar panels, tracking along with Google/Kleiners interests. From twisted cavities to twisted green energy cables, Kreman has seen it all. Klopf got left behind as Kremans swagger was more than Klopf could keep up with. Now deeply enmeshed in politics, Kreman is a force to be reckoned with if you have a Senator to grease or a “green energy” fund to skim.

The San Francisco Newspaper tells the story of the early days:

The Kleiner Perkins Google Connection has gotten very interesting relative to the 60 Minutes Story: THE CLEANTECH CRASH, take a look at it HERE:


With more background on it HERE:

In the next Part, we will examine how Titties and Solar Panels tie together….