San Francisco Bay Area TV News Sites Turn Out To Be Ghost Towns Marketing To Ghosts

San Francisco Bay Area TV News Sites Turn Out To Be Ghost Towns Marketing To Ghosts

By Anne Dundee



San Francisco – Bay Area advertisers are steaming mad. They have recently discovered that they were shoveling their money into the dumper.



When the internet got real, a number of “enterprise service provider” salesmen descended on the TV stations in Northern California and sold them an “online digital newspaper system”. What they sold them is actually an expensive version of WordPress or Druple which they could have gotten for free on their own. The blinged up versions of the news software were simply templates that any high school kid could have created.



After paying the big bucks to get their online newspapers going, the TV stations threw a few interns at it and told them to keep cutting-and-pasting content into them so it looked like the news was changing.



These eye-sores kept updating but they made the already contrived, and pandered, Bay Area news seem even more pandering. The public came, saw and went away. A thousand more credible, open, free news sources had sprung up and the public goes where the news is the least limited.



Bay Area news is big bucks. The advertising directors could not tell the advertisers that the public metrics were “sucking chicken eggs”. They needed a Plan B. Enter the audience trolls. Just as TV’s American Idol, The Voice, and most every game show, use audience provider services to create a synthesized audience out of solicited puppet people, the TV Newspapers found the same thing.



The third-party companies that stage the audiences for The Voice make big money on delivering those bodies. Silicon Valley discovered that it could make the same kind of big bucks without even having to bother with real people.



A number of companies sell fake users to these TV stations. The TV stations sell advertisers ads on these fake newspapers sites that are now almost entirely populated by ghosts, vapors, trolls and non-existent people.



The TV stations know that they are selling fake viewers to real advertisers on simulated digital news sites. The advertisers did not know this, until now.



The TV station sites are paid to promote Elon Musk and Chevron by Elon Musk and Chevron. They are paid to not show any negative news about Elon Musk or Chevron. The funny thing is: Elon Musk and Chevron are simply paying for air and the TV station news sites are selling empty space.








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