Americans have no energy options for their future because “weirdo campaign billionaires” want their campaign kick-backs

Americans have no energy options for their future because “weirdo campaign billionaires” want their campaign kick-backs




– Emily Brown, NRDC Advisor



The Oscars brought a new term to the political table: “weirdo billionaires”. One of the winners, at the Oscar’s, introduced main-stream America to the Elon Musks, Joe Lonsdales, Tom Perkins, Steve Jurvetsons, Peter Thiels, John Doerrs, Gary Kremens and Eric Schmidts of the world.



“Weirdo billionaires” are extensively in the news for their “sex islands”, “sex yachts”, “rapes”, “sex penthouses”, “Silicon Valley misogyny”, “AngelGate conspiracies”, “Silicon Valley No poaching conspiracies”, “Rosewood Hotel hookers”, “’s”, “poor people are Nazis” and other delights.



The weirdo billionaires in Silicon Valley control America’s energy options, or lack thereof. The Academy Awards brought that reality to the front and center for Joe Six Pack and mainstream America.



In a leaked email, one of the Department of Energy (DOE) applicants asked the Department of Energy the following:



We find ourselves in a quandary.



By design, or accident, your offices, and DOE, are the only source of funding for alternative energy solutions in America. All outside venture capitol options are almost entirely controlled by cartel-organized VC’s associated with Google or Kleiner Perkins. According to hundreds of applicants to your funding programs, it is not possible to receive funding from “ANY” DOE office, in alternative energy unless the Kleiner/Google campaign funding Cartel has a connection to the applicant. In fact, history and federal investigations prove this to be true and hundreds of thousands of newspaper articles seem to double-down on that assertion.



A Bright Automotive staffer is quoted as saying that: “…the old adage about ‘if you see something, say something’ actually means if you report something, or even apply, you will be threatened, stone-walled, harassed, defamed by search engine rigging and subjected to McCarthy-Era blacklisting…”. It seems that those dangers are even worse for any applicant that competes with Google or Kleiner associated assets.



At the applicant blog at    there are an increasing number of applicants telling their stories and it is not pretty.



History also proves, and documents, that the average cost to an applicant is $2 million dollars for legal supervision, engineering, documentation, etc. and over 2 years of the applicants lives. (Unless they are a Kleiner/Google asset connected entity) Even after all of that expense and risk to the applicants, their staff and their families, almost every single one was rejected and subjected to the issues detailed by Bright Automotive.



Trust Us. We won’t do it again!” assertions by your offices would seem to be small comfort to any applicant to DOE programs, and indeed, the voters of America. Where the new ATVM website may look like it has less to fill out, the efficiency of a website clearly had nothing to do with past ATVM loan indiscretions. Black-lists are black-lists. A new web form will not change that.



So: If your office is the only source of funding due to the black-lists and funding Cartels, and it costs millions of dollars and years of one’s life to apply, what guarantees can you provide to us, other applicants and taxpaying voters (a class we are also in) prior to applying?



What comfort and assurances can you supply, to all concerned, prior to the massive expense of time and cash to try to win the ATVM, or any other DOE funding?”



This refers to the situation in which the weirdo billionaires (WB’s) in Silicon Valley took over the U.S. Department of Energy with their people, awarded themselves billions of taxpayer dollars and black-listed everybody that competed with them. The shill for the WB’s was a guy named Steven Chu. They bribed him in to a government job as Secretary of Energy where he de-funded and jacked up every technology that competed with the WB’s lithium batteries and indium solar panels. Then he just main-lined cash to all of the WB’s for their hookers and private jet planes. “Ah, those were the days”, say the WB’s.



Now it is an election year and the WB’s have set up the same exact payola and kick-back schemes. The FBI are hard-pressed to find enough indictment papers to arrest all of them, so many members of Congress fear that the wash-rinse-repeat cycle may be starting up all over again.