Why Apple is REALLY fighting with the FBI!

Why Apple is REALLY fighting with the FBI!






(Opinion) Denton Lester- EFF Member




Apple wants everybody to think that they are being a brave social justice warrior by keeping the FBI out of their iPhones.



Protecting American freedom is the least of Apple’s concerns.



Nobody is buying Apple connected devices any more. The fad has faded. Apple is just another tool. It has become mundane.



Manic wild-eyed bearded fan boys, who can’t live without the next device from Apple, have turned into newly-wed yuppies with bills, fears of a declining economy and a Snowden-ized awareness of the impunity of hackers.



The new cry of the connected internet user is: “If it has a plug, it has a bug”. Nobody likes living in that world and, more profoundly, they don’t like paying hundreds of dollars of their hard earned money to buy a new way to get spied on by the Chinese.



In other words: The world has realized that dumping a month of rent on a hardware thing that sends your life story to spies in Russia, China and Detroit may not be the best use of their money.



Apple is losing billions of dollars because of hackers and marketing analysts using Apple devices as data harvesting and privacy rape tools every minute of every day.



The “refusal” to cooperate with the FBI is a marketing gimmick. Thousands of hackers are inside Apple device all the time. Once the entire Apple market wakes up to that reality then Samsung wins the market.



Samsung phones do the same, or more than Apple, for far less money. Count on Samsung to blow Apple’s secret in no time at all. Count on the FBI to get pissed off at being used as a PR patsy to try to save Apple’s floundering market share.