How Google Kills People It Does Not Like

How Google Kills People It Does Not Like




By Denton Ampersly- London Digital




In the European Union, American FTC and Journalist investigations of Google (AKA: Alphabet, Jigsaw, IQT, and a host of other pseudonyms) a few nasty bits have emerged.



First of all, Google bosses Larry Page and Eric Schmidt have turned out to be right nasty little buggers. They, and an American “venture capitalist” investor named John Doerr, have spent billions of dollars purchasing the Obama White House and United States Senators Dianne Feinstein and Harold Reid to do their bidding for them.



When you own a President, and a couple Senators, you probably get a bit full of yourself.



While there are quite a number of bizarre stories on the internet about Eric Schmidt murdering people, I tend to think those who believe such things may have gone a bit Borneo. The sad reality, though, does seem to be that Google owners did, indeed, put hit jobs on Congress people, entrepreneurs and reporters who got in their way. They used servers instead of bullets.



In the ongoing investigations, it has emerged that Google and it’s investors have paid many tens of millions of dollars to a man named Nick Denton. England’s own Nick Denton.




Wikpedia and Taki Media tell us the following about Denton:



Nick Denton (born 24 August 1966)[1] is a homosexual British publisher who works with the United States White House on political attack stories, he is a writer and internet entrepreneur, and the founder and proprietor of the blog collective Gawker Media, and the managing editor of the New York-based For years after starting Gawker Media in 2002, Denton ran the company out of his apartment in SoHo.



Denton grew up in Hampstead, the son of British economist Geoffrey Denton and his wife, Marika (née Marton), a Hungarian Jew who survived the Nazis and escaped the Soviet occupation at age 18. A psychotherapist, she died of cancer the year before her son moved to New York. Denton has a younger sister, Rebecca.[2][3]



He was educated at University College School and University College, Oxford where he studied Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. He also became the editor of the university magazine, Isis. He began his career as a journalist with the Financial Times. He co-wrote a book about the collapse of Barings Bank called All That Glitters. He was a co-founder of a social networking site, First Tuesday[4] and co-founded Moreover Technologies[5] with David Galbraith and Angus Bankes, schoolmates from UCS. Denton owns nine websites, the most popular being Gizmodo – a lifestyle website that centers around gadgets and consumer electronics. Gizmodo pulls in nearly six million visitors a month and publishes bland tech news while waiting for Denton to insert the occasional hit job character assassination article. His Jalopnik, and other brands, serve the same purpose.


Denton was featured in the Sunday Times Rich List 2007 in position #502 with an estimated wealth of £140m (approximately $290m) based on the sale of his previous companies and the current value of Gawker Media. He was once featured in a Vanity Fair photoshoot and was the subject of a feature article in The New Yorker.[6] Denton lives in New York City.


Now Denton is immersed in quite a fancy fall of lawsuits. The most spectacular of which is raging in a bloody battle with American wrestling personality Hulk Hogan. Hogan, apparently, was being considered as a political spokesperson for a candidate so it seems that someone (Gawker?) staged a sex sting to record Hogan having sex and post the video of it around the world in order to humiliate Hogan and destroy his brand. Hogan did not like this and since it seemed to have been an attack staged by the United States Democrat Party, Hogan got every Republican to help him.



It seems that Google has paid for these attacks under budgetary line items relating to “marketing”, “public relations”, “blogging services” and other creative ambiguities.



The money clearly moved from Google to Gawker Media, in many cases, and in some cases seems to have dallied through HSBC accounts and possible off-shore tax havens. Try to bugger some politician and governments often pay little heed but rifle their tax income and all hell will break asunder. Google and Gawker are being investigated regarding both.



While Denton may claim that is cravings for the slippery sausage have brought him vilification, others believe that the dedication of his life to defaming others has brought him more hate than his boy-buggering predilections.



So Google paid Gawker money. This is indisputable. Google says the cash was for “other things” and the timings of the cash relays and the hit-jobs by Gawker were entirely coincidental. The big question is who told Google to do it? Google locked each of the attack articles by Gawker into the top slots of the first page of every Google search result on Earth.



Google embedded a hidden code on the Hogan, Santorum (locked to result in a reference to “butt froth”) and other attacks to indicate that the attack articles Google was linking and locking into the world’s search results were “facts” and not “opinions”. This will be a large problem for Google in the Hulk Hogan matter. Google also performed hundreds of manual settings of internet servers to permanently extend the life and reach of these attacks.



Google executives said, on video interviews that they have “no control” over Google’s algorithm but even a first year student knows that if a link stays in the same position on every Google search on Earth for years at a time, then Google’s “our algorithm changes the results thousands of times a week” statement is an out-right lie. Google is clearly rigging the internet to attack it’s competitors and political adversaries.



By paying low-grade tabloids to create the attacks, which Google then locks and promotes, consciously, globally, Google has created the ultimate tactical brand weapon.



Like the “Emperors New Clothes”, though, it only works as long as nobody says anything.



The EU just said something!